Mayo Chiki Ep 12: Kudos to Jirou!

Jirou continues to search for Konoe and stays with her for the night at the inn he and Kanade had previously stayed at. The next day they return to school only to see that Konoe has been transfered to his sister’s class as Punyuru. Seeing that Konoe is still feeling down and having learnt she felt rather lonely as a normal student and if she could, return to being Kanade’s butler- Jirou mans up and confronts the Subaru Fanclubs and asks for their cooperation. Together, both fanclubs and himself prepare a petition requesting Subaru to return.

Sorry it’s late, Zero and I got mixed up on who’s turn it was this week. XD
The episode was really sweet, and honestly it would’ve been be a good way to end this show… only it didn’t end this episode. Next week we’re getting what looks to be another filler involving Kureha and her friends and likely to be fanservice. Well at least it isn’t my turn to cover it so YAY! *SHOT*
I really liked the development this episode, and the fact that for once, Kanade didn’t torment Jirou as much as she usually does, which I have to say was really refreshing. I also liked the fact it’s clear now, though she prefers keeping it a secret- that she likes Jirou or at least has a crush on him. It was pretty cute to see her carried like a princess by him and how she was reacting to that, and Jirou’s reaction was just as funny because he couldn’t help but notice her figure more.
I also enjoyed the fact that Jirou’s and Konoe’s relationship had developed quite a bit considering Konoe is being much more upfront about it and trusted him enough after hearing that he wouldn’t do it on an inpulse. But again, it’s very one sided. Jirou doesn’t seem to understand, until she kissed him (or hell, he might not even understand that either!) that Konoe wants to be not just best friends, but more than that.
Finally, it was really great to see Jirou be a man this episode. My favorite part was definitely seeing him confront Konoe’s fancultclubs and use his ability to defend themselves before begging them to cooperate with him to help allow Konoe to become a butler again.


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