Mayo Chiki Ep 9 & 10: Bahhhhhhhh…

Episode 9: Maid Café

This was a pretty cute episode. I did like the fact they didn’t exaggerate the fanservice for an exchange.  The maid café was pretty much a ‘Kanade playground’ since she continues to be the sadist evil genius causing trouble for everyone and as usual especially for poor Jirou. She really made it hell for him by creating a new reputation claiming he had a maid fetish only to later be cleared up.
Poor Konoe had her own troublesome day despite not being on screen for most of the episode. In the end when Jirou went after her and she had decided to cover up her confession by saying she meant that she wanted them to be ‘Best Friends’. Of course even after saying that, Konoe didn’t look a bit satisfied with her answer and Jirou looks to be well aware of that since he has that uncertain look at the end of the conversation.
Usami was pretty cute this episode. It’s very clear that she has strong feelings for Jirou and that she even has a special ringtone just for him. It was pretty funny (or so rather expected) to see Jirou find her cellphone and call himself to see what the ringtone is.

Episode 10: Birthday Special?

Happy Birthday Kureha?

I’m sorry, but an episode devoted to her birthday to show how much Jirou had beens supporting her all these years in their parents place felt like a waste of time. I’ll be blunt, this was considerably a boring episode for me and really there’s not much to talk about except for the same old. Sweet ending, I’m happy Jirou remembered her birthday, but you know what this episode is not for me.
That’ll be all.


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