Mayo Chiki episode 13 [Final]: Boy Love Fanservice

The final episode of Mayo Chiki and we take a look at the weirdest girl of the bunch…I’ll give you a hint, she wears cat ears, she loves glasses and boy love and she is a complete pervert.

What should I think of this episode. It was obviously just a fan-service last episode, so it was to be expected that there would be no story what so ever. I’m ok with that. But with that ending, if there was to be a season two of Mayo Chiki, it would turn into a complete harem, since it seems there is yet another girl who has fallen for Jirou. I’ve said it many times already, I don’t want to see this show turn into another harem, it had a great romance going on and they seems decided to ruin it.

Now if we disregard what the episode could have done to the long-term, the episode itself was quite hilarious. Nakuru is quite the funny character. I think the thing that made me laugh the most this episode was that her cat ears actually moved this episode. I’m not sure if it scared me or if I just found it amusing, but It sure was a shock. That girl would give up on her own life for a pair of glasses or other fetish clothing like her cat ears. She is every single fetish put into a single character, she truly is an awesome gem.


She must be an excellent writer of boys love story, she must be so sad that she is not a boy herself. I think that must really be her greatest regret in life, to be born a guy and therefore to be unable to live the way she imagines her stories. She has the mentality of a man inside the body of a really pretty girl I must say.

The girl is such a pervert that she is scary at time, I’m a pervert too, so I would most likely be turned on if a girl I knew would infiltrate my room, open my porn collection and use my bed. But for anyone with a minimal level of decency, this is absolutely creepy. I think the worse is that she admits to it all without any shame. She really lives in a different world, a world where boys wears glasses and loves each other. Those yaoi fangirl are awesome in their own twisted way and that’s why I love them so much.

Now there were some inconsistencies in the episode, for example, Jirou only came close to bleed from his noses after a full body/boobs contact with a girl. Usually he would have collapsed unconscious for less than that. Maybe he IS becoming stronger and he is finally able to withstand some kinds of girl contact or maybe Nakuru is such a pervert that he was more scared of what she would do next than the physical contact he was having with her.


But alas, this is the last episode of Mayo Chiki, I liked this episode for what it was, but overall I’m glad the show is over because it was going a complete opposite way to what I hoped to see from it. At least the characters were all awesome.


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