No.6 episode 11: Elyurias’ Revenge

Nezumi realizes that Safu cannot be saved and the only thing that can still be done is to blow up  the facility and save Sion, but will Sion agree to leave Safu behind?

Why is this show already over, I thought there was still two more episode to this amazing show. Even if I was worried that the ending would get rushed seeing as this was the last episode, I was not disappointed. The episode didn’t felt rushed and everything came into place where it should have. But I do have some complaint with the ending.


Death is just a feeling

I was expecting that Elyurias had the power to return people from the dead, since she is this all-powerful godlike being, but it is always lame when people return from the dead, no matter the reason. The reason death is such a big deal is because it cannot be undone, if you undo death than death lose all its meaning. I would rather see someone fall unconscious than die and resurrect few minutes later. In the context of No.6 I guess that Sion’s death was a way to show off Elyurias power, but I feel like it was a little overdone.

Such a bleeding heart

One moment I loved was when Nezumi realized that the only way he could save Sion and let him stay the same way he was before was for him to become Sion’s enemy. He figured that if Sion could blame everything on him then Sion will be able to return to his normal self. It was an act of self sacrificed that touched me way more than any bullet he took to save him. When you are willing to separate yourself from the one you love in order to make sure that they are safe and happy, that is the greatest sacrifice one could make. An injured arm heal much faster than an injured heart and broken souls never heal.


In the end, Sion accomplished what he originally wanted, he saved the city from the infectious bees and broke the wall between No.6 and the west district. But he lost Safu, was this a fair trade? a single girl’s life was traded for everyone’s future. As obviously stated everywhere in my reviews, I loved Safu. She was an interesting character that differed from the norm and I love the fact that she was sacrificed for the greater good. Good things never last, Safu was too good for this world and therefore she became a god and disappeared from our realm of existence. I believe this was the best ending I could have hoped for this wonderful character.

Now for Sion and Nezumi, they finally kissed, this is the ultimate scene in any kind of romance, the two main love interest kiss each right before the shows end. But in this case they did not end up living together and having a billion kids. Nezumi walked away from the city. Where is he going exactly? I have no idea. Is he following Elyurias’ voice to a new land for the forest people? I’m still confused as to his decision to leave. But in the end we all know that those two will meet again one day and they will have freaky yaoi sex for the yaoi fangirl.


In the end, this episode was really great, it concludes this show beautifully and while somethings were a little over the top, it was overall a great experience and a fun show to watch.


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