No.6 episode 9: Entering the Monster


Sion and Nezumi are putting their plan into action to infiltrate the correctional facility center and save Safu.




Holy shit, we finally see the craziness of No.6 and it is not beautiful. They kill everyone outside the city? and the few who surrenders they dump them down a bottomless pit? I love how completely corrupt the city is. Those are atrocities worthy of the second world war.


You're a...A what? She's a what?

A few interesting things in this episode. For one Sion discovered something about Dogkeeper while touching her. Now I am uncertain what he discovered, is it that she is in reality a boy? is it that she is an elf too? I have no idea. Maybe I just interpreted that scene wrong, but it felt like Sion discovered something special about Dogkeeper. I wonder if this scene will be further explained in a future episode. I sure hope so, it sounds mysterious.


All Hail Queen Safu

Now another surprising scene was the one where Safu regained consciousness with the power of Elyurias. She seemed to have begun her escape alone. She was successful in escaping her tube at the very least it seems. But what has she become and what power does she really have? It has been a while since we could see her face. Has her appearance changed? is she still the same wonderful Safu we knew before? or is she now some kind of monster? I guess we will find out soon enough.


With the uprising planned in the city for the next day, with Sion and Nezumi trying to rescue Safu and with Safu liberated herself with the help of Elyurias, maybe they have a chance to overthrow the current tyrannical leader of the city, who ever that is. They want to break the wall that separate the two worlds, but maybe they won’t even have to do it, things are not looking good for that city.


That seems like an unefficiant weapon

It seems that Nezumi once was in the correctional facility and he knows what is waiting for them. He seems to be afraid that Sion will change from going into such a horrible place, but what could be so terrible that Sion would lose his mind? Just how bad is this correctional facility. In the preview for the next episode, I might have misunderstood, but it seemed as if Sion was becoming some kind of psychopath. Now it might just be my imagination playing tricks on me, but that would be absolutely awesome. Going from a kind and gentle innocent young man, to a complete psychopath of a main character, this is the kind of main character I love!


One of the only question that was answered in the episode is the confirmation that Sion’s mother was in fact one of the founding member of No.6. Now we only need to learn how she started as a founding member only to finish as a baker.



This was a solid episode that gave us more question than answers. I want those answer and therefore I am looking forward to the next episode were we will see the true terror of the correctional facility.


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