R-15 episode 9: Aliens


Taketo suspect his chief editor to be an alien and he is investigating with the Genius Idol to find out if it is true.



This episode was awesome, I know that I always complain that the show doesn’t have enough ecchi, but this episode, even without much ecchi, was really great. There were many pop culture reference that got me laughing my ass off and the episode was overall hilarious. It was a nice change of pace from the usual lame romance story. The only thing I found lame in the story was the Genius Clarinette player. I don’t like that love interest, she is such a boring character, I just don’t understand why she is even existing at all. She doesn’t have interesting characteristic, she hardly even talks.  Every single one of the other girls are more interesting than her.

I really loved the reference to Star Trek and to Metal Gear Solid. It is little things like that that makes me love an episode. It was not overdone either, it was just small little reference that made me chuckle. The amount of ecchi for this episode was really low as there was a bigger focus on the story than usual, even if story might not be the best word for the context.

But I really wonder if the chief really was an alien, I believe everything to be a joke and a misunderstanding throughout the episode. But in the end It seems that maybe she really is an alien. She does magically disappear every 2 seconds, she is always spotted with UFO’s around her, she lived for thousand of years, she has this lab with tubes filled with green liquids and most of all she has over sized breasts. It all makes sense that she is an alien after all. Plus there is no girl who would be so willing to be watched from under her skirt so casually.

In the end the episode was awesome compared to the usual shit content of the show and even without ecchi it still managed to be awesome. Hopefully they will keep this up before they go back to boring and meaningless romance with unattractive girl.



I was pleasantly surprised with this episode, If only there were more like this one and less like the previous, this show could have been awesome at what it is supposed to be…ecchi and humour.


ZeroG signing off


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