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I’m baaaack~~~ for yet another Random Review signed by phantom blogger Myst.

Title: Death Note
Animation Company: Madhouse
Genres: Mystery, Supernatural, Police, Psychological, Thriller
Number of episodes: 37
Rated 17+ Like anyone ever followed that...

Death Note, Death Note, how you amaze me… This show is pretty much the best psychological mystery you’ll ever find in the world of anime. We have all watched it, we’ve all been amazed about it, some people now make fun of it, but hey, it’s one of the 2 shows that seriously got me hooked into anime, so it has to be good, no? then again, the other one was Bleach… And that one went down the drain…
So, for those rare people that are hipsters and don’t want to watch mainstream stuff, or for those new people who just got hooked into anime and landed on this accidentally, Death Note is all about a notebook. No, really. Some high school dude finds a book that kills people, then decides “hey, let’s kill criminals and be a God!” and pretty much does exactly that, while being chased around by the smartest detective in the world, L.

Of course, add to that insane intellectual plans, mysteries, awesome Shinigamis and so much epicness that even eating chips becomes epic, and you’ve got Death Note.

Eating chips epically: Because Light just has that much of a God complex.

Aww, such a cutie ^.^

Alright, so for those who really haven’t watched it which means you’re seriously missing something, I’ll stop joking around for once, because literally this show is insane. Tons of plans, tons of fancy ways of killing people, psychos, supernatural shit, a bit of humour, this show has it all. I found myself watching this show, as it went on, pretty much only to figure out what wicked plans Light was going to come up with. Being a serial killer and not getting caught is serious business. He comes up with the craziest plans ever, and the fact that they work 80% of the time is even crazier.
Apart from our evil main character, I especially enjoyed seeing L respond to Light’s provocations, suspecting him without having any proof, and without actually being sure about it. I also loved his sweets addiction cravings, and his weird mannerisms just made me love L completely I liked Light better still though. I also absolutely loved Ryuk. Just… Apples.
*nomznomz* Apples...

Anyways… Overall, most of the characters are likeable, they’re smart, they’re human and imperfect, and they all try to figure out who the bad guy is when we all already know who it is. Of course, considering there are a ton of characters, there’s a few that I hate, like pseudo Kira which was pretty much just a filler, and I didn’t particularly enjoy having Near or Mello in the portrait spoiler, highlight if you don’t care They’re terrible successors to L, who was much more awesome.
-_- Grr.

Story-wise, this show rocked. Completely. The plot twists, the plans, and the use of characters were very well thought of, and although most people hated that part, I actually liked the fact that, in the end, it didn’t turn out like we expected spoiler alert for whole next paragraph, DON’T HIGHLIGHT IF YOU CARE EVEN ONE BIT.
I mean, I never ever expected that L would die like he did. To be honest, for Light to win, I seriously wondered what the hell would happen after this. Then, Near and Mello showed up, and although that arc had some interesting parts to it (especially Light’s death), I have to admit that it was less good than when L was there. I did like the fact that this was there though, because it ended the series fairly well, and it also prevented tons of people from ranting on and on about how this show should get a second season. It ended properly, it was a long enough series, it was great, but now it’s over and that arc was what showed that a second season wouldn’t be as great. Alright, I’m done with spoilers.
Finally, I’d like to mention how much I looooved the first opening of Death Note. I swear, I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it. Actually, pretty much all of the OST was awesome, for the simple reason that I still kinda remember it which is quite impressive for me.
So, all in all, would I recommend Death Note to anyone who hasn’t watched it? Trust me, I have already, and I’ll do it again and again. If there’s one show that I think anyone could enjoy, it’s this one. You will find yourself marathoning this show faster than you could ever think was possible. It’s that good. Anyone who hasn’t watched it should…
And so, begone! I will now go back in to the depths of nothingness for some time… Bye bye~~~~
-Phantom Blogger Myst

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