Steins; Gate episode 23: Operation Skuld


Okabe goes to the past once again and tries to save Kurisu from being stabbed. Will time finally let him save someone? or will it fail once again just like it did with Mayuri?



Holy flying purple rabbit of mysterious amazement! Why is this show so good, I was sweating of excitement during the whole show.

I thought that the original killer of Kurisu was Amane, but then I realized before it happened that It was in fact Okabe himself who was the killer and then it was all confirmed, by trying to save her, he killed her. Kurisu always said that she had trouble with her father, but I never expected their relation to be so bad that her father would try to kill her. Her father is a fucking lunatic, why is Kurisu trying so hard to make him accept her, even at the cost of her own life. Now she bleeds to death and she is therefore dead in this timeline.

Operation Skuld. Okabe needs to save Kurisu without changing the event of the past. He needs to watch her die, he needs to kill her, but at the same time let her live? How will he manage to fake her death to the whole world and himself? Will he uses the time machine? But how could he uses the time machine to save her without changing the past? I cannot wait to see what he will have to do to save her or how he will do it. But there is one thing I am now certain of, he is now back to his original self, back to the mad scientist Hououin Kyouma. A mad scientist is able to achieve anything and so I am certain he will succeed in saving Kurisu! He must do it.

We were also able to witness Okabe from 15 years in the future in the episode, the true mastermind, the mad scientist who stayed in a stagnant world line and survive a world war just to redo the past, just to give a chance to his past self to do what he never had a chance to do. In the end Okabe is the one who is at the center of it all, he is working with himself to save the one he loves from being killed by him. But how can Okabe cheat time and save Kurisu? How can he stop the convergence and achieve the Steins; Gate. AND WHY IS THIS SHOW SO AWESOME.

I cannot wait to see how he will do it, he has done so much already, he lived the past three weeks over and over again without achieving anything but returning to the original world line and now he needs not to change anything in the world line and make Kurisu live. Why is next week so far away, I want even more science, I need even more of Mad Scientist Hououin Kyouma.

I would also like to point out that it was absolutely unexpected when I saw Mayuri slap Okabe, that is the kind of thing I would have never expected from that small and fragile always dying girl. But it turns out that she finally had her use and she was able to convince Okabe to save Kurisu, just for this I like her a little more.


This show is my favorite of 2011 and there was not a single one that came even close to its awesomeness. For Science! Next week on Steins; Gate we will witness Operation Skuld.


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3 thoughts on “Steins; Gate episode 23: Operation Skuld

  1. Holy shit, that episode was completely MIND-BLOWING O_O I think my heart almost stopped when Okabe accidentally stabbed her, I never think the anime gets better each week yet it still does.

    Next week seems to be the last ep, I really hope they can wrap it up properly.

    1. Please don’t remind me that it is already the last episode next week, I don’t want this wonderful show ever to end !

  2. What!??!
    next week is the last episode!??!?!
    the hell… I thought it was gonna have 26 episodes T.T
    I dont want this show to end T.T

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