Tiger & Bunny Ep 12: GO TIGER GO!

;O; TIGERRRR!!! Oh god, even after his powers ran out, he continued to fight and moreover- even though it was accidently, HE HIT JAKE! HE, KABURAGI KOTETSU, WILD TIGER – THE MOST UNDER-RATED HERO OF THE GROUP LANDED A HIT ON JAKE! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH I WAS SQUEALING AND CHEERING AT THAT VERY MOMENT? Of course the minute Jake started beating the shit out of him I’m like, “HANG IN THERE TIGER!!” \T^T/
This episode was shockingly well paced. I wasn’t entirely sure how things would go, moreover I wasn’t expecting to see Tiger fighting within this episode. I feel bad for Rock Bison not even getting a chance to show us how he fights. We got to see Sky High, obviously because he’s the King of Heroes, go all out, only to lose.
It looks like Jake has not one, but two powers, he even said so himself. He can hear everything and moreover- he said Kotetsu’s name! Remember that Kotetsu follows the traditional heroes’ code by keeping his true identity a secret, that would include his name. Moreover it also explains the reason why Jake wasn’t able to dodge his hit, simply because it wasn’t planned or thought through.
Throughout the episode, we’ve seen Jake’s cocky additude but never his aggressive side until he got the hit. Unlike during his fight with Sky High and Rock Bison, he was attacking Kotetsu with the intent to kill him. It was Kotetsu who got the worse and most gruesome hits, and had held up the fight the longest.
It disgusts me how Barnaby is treating Kotetsu. Dude, just let it go. It’s not worth it, he apologized and here you are being a dick about everything he’s involved in, taking a shot at him for ‘jumping to conclusions‘ about Jake’s powers and not giving a fuck about him getting beaten and severely wounded by Jake. Seriously man, get a grip with your attitude.


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