Tiger & Bunny Ep 6: Burn Baby Burn

The episode starts off dark as a murder case happens at a prison and then it gets all funny with Kotetsu getting bored at waiting around during Barnaby’s photoshoot and decides to take his cellphone and take a goofy picture of himself! 😀

We actually learned ALOT more about Barnaby’s past in this episode. He’s very desperate to find evidence behind a mark he had spotted on his parent’s killer hand. Fortunately he managed to get at least the name of the organization: Ouroboros. It turns out also the bomb guy from episode 3 bared the mark, and the minute Barnaby saw that, his cocky behavior completely vanished and started acting aggressive. And boy, he’s going to be pissed now that his only lead after all these years was killed right before his eyes.
We also don’t know anything about this new NEXT that intervened and killed the bomb guy who was holding the producer hostage. He got this creepy face-palm mask, blue/green (epic) fire- or so I think it’s fire. >_>; He also seems to like debuting when the moon is red- or is the moon always red? I don’t know, I wasn’t paying attention to the moon in the past episodes. *SHOT* WHAT?! IT’S A MOON FOR GODS SAKES!
Overall this was a good development episode. The pace is speeding up, we’re going to see more of Falm-Palm-Dude within the next episode. I really liked seeing Fire Emblem’s manly side for an exchange- in fact I found it quite hilarious. I’d love to see more of that in the future! <3


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