Tiger & Bunny Ep 8: Let's Believe

This episode was all about Origami (Ivan), the lowest ranked hero of the group. With all his energy he puts into going into the backgrounds and acting on Heroes TV (although honestly we’ve never seen much of him to begin with), you’d think he would be a bit more positive. But man, behind that mask of his, he is such a pessimistic person! SO FREAKING NEGATIVE. “OH I CAN’T DO THIS! I CAN’T DO THAT! I’M NOT CUT OUT TO BE A HERO”, even worse- he gets bashed at his blog! D: God!
Fortunately, by the end of the episode thanks to Tiger’s words of wisdom, Origami built some confidence in himself to both prevent his friend Edward (who had escaped from prison to get revenge on him) from committing more crimes and getting killed by Lunatic.
When you look at Edward’s crime, it’s just terrible what had happened to him. All he was trying to do was help, but then he accidently fired and killed the woman who was previously held hostage. And all because of being thrown into jail, he’s no longer eligible to be a hero- which I find total bullshit because of his circumstances of the crime.
Second of all, WHY DIDN’T EDWARD USE HIS POWERS TO DODGE/HIDE FROM LUNATIC?! I MEAN HELLO! HE CAN GO UNDERGROUND AND WALLS AND HOLY CRAP MAN, JUST WHAT WAS HE DOING?! Well whatever, it probably would’ve just made the situation worse. But I kind of wanted to see that.
Now about Lunatic. While last episode we had learned that Lunatic is known for hunting down criminals and killing them, we only really learn directly from him this episode that this is his code of justice. Of course Tiger doesn’t believe in that and fires back at him that his code of justice is to “arrests idiots like him (Lunatic)”. So now we got two codes clashing against each other.
Lunatic’s identity was also revealed at the end of the episode, after the credits that he is in fact Yuri from the Justice Bureau, which would explain why he acted before the broadcast and the police did in the previous episode since the producer can called up to ask permission to film it LIVE and work with the police.
And the last thing I want to say: If you’re not one of those people who wait till the credits end, you’re missing out important information, so start watching/skimming over the ED to check whether its a preview or a last bit of details that may either involve details about the very episode, or the next one.
PS: I can’t be the only here who thought: CODE GEASS!!!!


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