Tiger & Bunny Ep 9! ‘Thinking of you Always’ + Sky high = always adorable


This episode starts off with some screentime for Dragon Kid. Which is good because she needed some >_> her guardian (and manager? maybe?) is giving her the advice to be more feminine to catch people’s attention. Even the way she talks isn’t very feminine so her guardian seems frustrated by that. Her guardian suggests she wear hairpins her parents gave her and she absolutely refuses. I would too, they look boring >_> Well, not all of us can be Orihime’s brother when it comes to picking hairpins.. Anyway, we cut to Kotetsu and Barnaby who slept once again in the chambers Saito developed, and Barnaby continues to have nightmares while inside of it.

i just took this screenshot since they look bishounen in it XD


Kotetsu is injured, but not too terribly, by the blast Lunatic used to escape him before. And of course, then there is an emergency!

i admit having a hard on for you, director lady >_>


And it turns out Tiger has to babysit. Yup, he has to babysit the mayor’s son while he’s on official business. Uhm. hooray? XD

Apparently wealthy children have been getting kidnapped so they figured they’d leave their son in the hands of a hero. Well okay, fine. The kids name is Sam incidentally. Kotetsu wonders why he was picked, and the rest of the heroes say he’d probably make a good dad some day. Rock Bison informs them that he has a daughter already, and they all seem shocked. Kotetsu explains his daughter is nine and his wife died five years ago. Tear. Oh Kotetsu, your wife was pretty too. Why u has so bad time T___T Oh and then the baby cries and…SHIT FLIES EVERYWHERE WHAT THE-

Oh. Thanks for that information lady.


And everyone of the heroes freaks out and then Sky high…is adorable…as always. Oh Sky High. I just want to give you a box of kittens and watch you have the greatest day ever with them XD


And that doesn’t work out too well. The heroes are rather bad at this it seems. XD


And the baby loves Dragon Kid …yessssssssssssss so cute @___@


Dragon Kid, Barnaby and Kotetsu end up at Barnaby’s place because Kotetsu doesn’t want HIS stuff wrecked. The kid cries for a short moment and lifts up all of Barnaby’s few personal objects, and he chooses to save a toy his parents gave him most of all. Barnaby sure loved his parents. xD ….OBLIGATORY LITTLE BARNABY IS CUTE SCREENSHOT!!!






Anyway, he lets the baby hold it for a moment. Then Dragon Kid explains she doesn’t like girly things at all. This troubles Kotetsu because he sends things to his daughter, and knows what it’s like to be in doubt over things like that when you’re a parent.

Then Barnaby and Kotetsu have a MY PARENTS ARE DEAD HERE’S WHAT I KNOW conversation. Barnaby isn’t being as much of a bitch to Kotetsu anymore so..hooray. Dragon Kid comes into the room in the morning but decides to take a walk since it reeks of alcohol.  And she gets kidnapped by the serial kidnappers who mistake her for big money, along with the baby…they don’t know it’s the mayors baby though XD

Agnes comes by to bring some stuff for the baby and to check on him. She gives Dragon Kid a call only for the kidnappers to tell her to bring the money. Fun times. Tiger and Bunny go to rescue Dragon Kid and Sam but as the sisters can smell money and lies, they figure out pretty quickly that Agnes isn’t their mother. Kotetsu gets distracted and they attack his injury, and we cut to Dragon Kid who’s being told by the third kidnapper they can tell how much a kid means by how their dressed and look. She recognized the yellow flower hat on Sam meant health and that makes Dragon Kid consider the meaning of the hairpin her parents gave her. Sam wakes up and destroys the kidnappers van, and frees Dragon kid from her handcuffs. He also manages to fly himself over to Dragon Kid, who makes sure he wears his special hat :). She then proceeds to woop ass.

However Kotetsu and Barnaby arrive shortly after. Frustrated he couldn’t do much, Kotetsu picks up their electricity guns and tries to look cool with it. This triggers flashbacks for Barnaby.

He flies away and it cuts to Sam going back home with his mom and dad and Dragon Kid and Kotetsu talking. Turns out she figured out what the flower meaning of the hairpin her parents gave her is and is wearing it!

(incidentally, now that she likes it, it seems prettier xD)

Also Kotetsu totally sees his daughter in her JUST SAYIN

Unfortunately Kaede is letting her grandma wear the hairpin HER dad bought her o_o;;;


And finally we see more of dragon kid. Which is awesome. Because she’s awesome. xD





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