Yuru Yuri Episode 12 [Final]: Going out with a Bang

I’m glad I didn’t watch this last episode in a public place, because it was HILARIOUS xD



The Amusement Club invite the Student Council over for a sleepover at the clubroom, where they end up getting into all sorts of weird situations.


Imagine if this series had 24 episodes instead of 12. Now pick out all the funniest and crazy bits out of the non-existent episodes, stuff it all into one and what do you end up with? Ep 12 of Yuru Yuri. If they were trying to make a strong final impression, they certainly succeeded, because I will end up remembering this show as an amazing yuri comedy with lots of laughs.

Only Yuru Yuri can turn a normal sleepover into something that looked like it came out of Blood-C, and the events preceding the massive nosebleed was pretty unexpected as well. Until now, we’ve only had a few hints of lesbianism throughout the whole series, and I was expecting to write it off as a show where any yuri that happens ends up being in fantasies. And how wrong I was.

Yup. Similar to the massive rush of comedy this week, Chitose pretty much made up for being a one-trick pony by kissing EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE SERIES. MULTIPLE TIMES. Well, at least I have the satisfaction of knowing that the “Yuri” bit of the title lived up to its name in the end.

We had gag after gag after gag, and more often than not poor Akari was featured in them. Count on her to fall out of that cylinder tin bath and ROLL DOWN a hill, INTO THE RIVER O_O The general public would have thought I was retarded or something with how much I laughed if I watched that in public, so thank goodness I was alone xD Oh, and at the end, when everyone thought she had dramatically blown herself up (hence the title)

Other things I thought were LOLworthy enough to mention would include the contests the cast had, as well as Kyouko’s tomato…thing. I was sure I was used to this kind of thing by now, this late in the series – but I definitely wasn’t though. I mean, WTF?

Overall: In short, I could almost swear that there was a new director for just this episode, who gave back all the hilarity lost in the second half of the series en masse, all into 24 minutes. Yuru Yuri had its ups and downs, but this changed my lasting impression on it – the show can do a good job of the comedy when it wants to. Though I’m not sure if I should compare it to other similar series, it was definitely better than A-Channel, and didn’t end with a trademark jump in the air xD It was a good run, and I’m definitely sad to see it go.

PS. I turned the volume up to as much as my ears could humanly take, and Matsumoto Rise actually SPOKE xD

0 thoughts on “Yuru Yuri Episode 12 [Final]: Going out with a Bang

  1. I loved the part where Yui kept stepping on Kyoko XD
    They did a damn good job on their last episode.

    1. This ep alone totally made up for the slump that this show went through in past weeks xD I’ll be missing this every Monday now.

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