Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Ep 13 [Final]: To Be an Idiot

And thus ends the second season of BakaTest.


Yuuji and Shouko, as well as Akihisa and Himeji, enter the haunted house as the last two pairs still in the competition. After they get seperated and Shouko and Himeji are provoked into being disqualified, Akihisa and Yuuji have to clear the last checkpoint and defeat the summerfags third-years all by themselves.


What really defined this episode was that it was chock full of BakaTest-style humour that only this show can pull off xD From tricking Shimizu into thinking Minami’s wall summon was just a dead end to Shouko acting all motherly to Himeji, this episode was definitely one of the best of the season.

The method in which Akihisa and Yuuji actually won was so reminiscent of their plans to take over Class A’s facilities, except that instead of Class A, two second-years somehow beat a pair of third-years at their own game by lobbing a severed head at them. Remember, Yuuji’s actually a genius – looking back, it makes sense how that episode was used to reinforce that he only came up with such brilliant plans because of his hidden intelligence. That guy has an amazing fake mask on, actually being one of the smartest people in the whole series. And Shouko knows that ^^

I might have missed it, but I didn’t actually know that they were fighting an ESB on the physics field. And being somewhat related subjects, I would have thought the summerfags would be at least a bit more decent than maths than they were – even Akihisa is better than you, dammit!

Akihisa used his head. Literally.

I could pretty much guess what the penalty game was for the summerfags before it even happened – being forced to apologize to Himeji and Shouko is just typical of Akihisa, this kind nature being what attracted Himeji to him in the first place, And it looks like Akihisa isn’t THAT stupid after all anymore – surprisingly, it seems like he fully understood what Himeji was trying to say when she confessed to him, albeit in a more roundabout way than Minami did. And obviously, since he does like Himeji, he gets it much faster. Then in a typical BakaTest moment, Minami arrives and creates yet another misunderstanding, rounding off the second season pretty nicely~

So, its over, and I can honestly say I’ll miss every single one of these idiots apart from Kubo. As for a Season 3, I think this season was shaky enough as it was, and I wouldn’t be too looking forward to a third season if its full of fillers and dodgy sub-plots. As a whole though, this series was entertaining – and I’ll salute you for that, BakaTest.

Now Silver Link, let’s see how well you do with C³.

0 thoughts on “Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Ep 13 [Final]: To Be an Idiot

  1. at last, there is function for minami’ summon act as wall…that very funny. my friend do not watch anime laugh together with me while he watch me open this episode in front of him..

    1. It just goes to show how funny a series is, when someone with no understanding of anime or the culture still laughs at the gags xD

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