C³ Episode 3: Cursed Calling

Hey…aren’t these like…a bit on the extreme side for torture devices?

Don't worry, she won't hurt you (:


Using her power to the full to beat Peavey, Fear calls up various torture devices using her cube to attack her, including a MASSIVE guillotine that cuts off her left arm completely. Still in a crazed state, Fear attacks Haruaki before running away and trying to commit suicide, but Haruaki goes after her.


Woooo, its a continuation of the whole dark theme, and satisfyingly, almost none of it is censored apart from a few select scenes where either the entire screen turns red, or the character is shown in shadow. Much more agreeable than what they did to Blood-C. The gore isn’t also only what makes it dark, there’s all that stuff about Fear having murdered hundreds (357 alone with that giant metal thing she used to attack Kirika, and there are 31 other weapons like that thing) as well as her trying to end it all and commit suicide.

So about the torture devices. There are 32 of them, as seen in the synopsis as well as in various Fall Previews, and they ARE. PROPER. TORTURE DEVICES. I don’t know exactly how I originally imagined them from the ecchi premise, but the hugeass weapons Fear pulled out from nowhere were more than qualified to go under the “torture” category. I mean, there was a freaking guillotine, and a… thing…yeah, not quite sure what that was. Fear looked really happy using it though.

I really hope we’ll see more of these in the future, and different ones as well. At the moment I’m having trouble remembering all the names and numbers, but I’ll stick the blame on Hadena subs for that, since they’ve come up with dodgy stuff in the past.

Fear runs from Haruaki, and passes by Ueno Kirika, the student kaichou. It’s very likely she’s a cursed tool as well, and like Konoha, she probably needs a wielder to be able to transform, as she didn’t even look fazed when Fear pulled out her cube and transformed it. A lot of her power seems to go around that cube – when Haruaki knocked it out of her hands she stopped attacking him, and I noticed subtle cube designs everywhere, be it in the rocks or part of one of the torture devices.

By the time she gets to the inevitably stormy sea, and walks to the edge of a cliff, it’s pretty obvious that she intends to jump, and she did! As usual, Haruaki mans up and dives into the sea which was probably near freezing point at this time of night manages to rescue her, somehow gets out of the sea and escapes with only a cold when he really, should have caught hypothermia. Ahh, the world of anime xD

At the end, everything JUST had to go back to normal, and she goes back to her ecchi flat-chested tsundere-ness, complete with normal Yukarin-pitched voice. Another battle had better happen in the near future, since this show is really sitting on the fence with its genre, and only stuff like Highschool of the Dead can pull off something like this and still be mildly entertaining.

…And that looks like some NASTY wound.

Pwned by a loli and her giant guillotine.

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