Mashiro-Iro Symphony Episode 1 [First Impression]

While looking for his sister Sakuno who has a poor sense of direction, the two of them meet Airi who they later find out is a student from Yuijo Academy where they are temporally merging with from Kagamidai Academy for a ten months trial. However they’ve been caught off guard as they learn the girls, including Airi of Yuijo Academy hate the idea of allowing boys into their all girls school.

First Impression:
Hm, well the first ten minutes of the episode was pretty dull and felt a little bit like a waste of time. It was all devoted to Shingo finding his sister, who was supposed to stay in one place but after seeing an abnormal cat she follows it only to get lost again where she meets Airi who lends her cellphone to contact her brother. After that we learn that Kagamidai Academy (where Sakuno, Shingo his friend attends) is merging with Yuijo Academy (an all girls school) for a ten months trial. However most, if not all the girls are not happy with the idea, even the staff who are female aren’t fond of the idea. It was definitely an interesting turn of events how Airi when Sakuno and Shingo first met her looked to be a sweet girl, but her attitude quickly changed the minute she finds out they are part of the group of chosen students for the trial and announces she is against having boys in an all girls school. We also learned that it was her  mother who set up this aggreement, so I would assume she either owns the academy or involved in the business.
In any case, this does look like it has a potential so I’ll be blogging this. I also really loved the OP and ED songs, though the OP sequence wasn’t exactly my taste, the ED sequence on the other hand was really pretty with the watercolors and was super cute.
Possibility of Watching this:  Guaranteed
Possibility of Blogging this: Guaranteed


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  1. So far, I really like this as a romance show, when I figured out around 5 minutes into the episode that this show involved many different girls, my first thought was “oh, so there’s gonna be a tsundere character.” Then there weren’t any for the next 15 minutes and I got disappoint, until Airi showed her true self 😀 I also love the maid already, and the principal also looks badass.

    1. It has definitely kicked off differently from the manga. I only read two chapters so that I wouldn’t spoil myself, but I’m definitely looking forward to this to see if it’ll live up to its potential.

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