Naruto Shippuden Episode 230: Attack of the Clones

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Also known as Code Naruto: Hangyaku no Kage Bunshin xD


Naruto creates some Kage Bunshin to do odd jobs around the ship as it battles through a storm. After narrowly avoiding a hit to the head, Naruto wakes up to find out that his clones refuse to poof , staging a mutiny against him.


Right, so the first thing that came to my mind when I realized what was going on was that this whole episode was one GIANT PLOT HOLE (even though it was a dream in the end). I felt that the whole way though, the clones were a lot more sentient than they should have been. As tired as they might have been feeling, they’re still only clones in the end. Besides, it would then make sense that their fatigue would be transferred to Naruto when the clones poof, as seen way back when Naruto trained to use Fuuton jutsu, and he collapsed after dismissing an entire field of clones.

The plot holes don’t end there by the way. I think I’ve said this before, but aren’t Gai and Yamato high level Jounin? And Yamato’s an ANBU captain as well. And it seems neither of them can beat the four clone Narutos, who didn’t use any sort of jutsu or even fight back – remember, they poof after just ONE hit. Then Naruto, as retarded as his dream self was, summoned a hundred more clones FACEPALM Obviously he had never thought they would all mutiny against him, as Studio Pierrot had to then bail him out by making the whole episode a dream. I mean, what kind of plot bunny did they think up in the first place?


All things aside, this episode did kinda redeem itself, as I thought there was quite a clever twist to how the four original clones all had different personalities. In a Jekyll and Hyde sense, they seemed to be the manifestations of Naruto’s different personality traits, such as the comically crying clone, who was actually the way Naruto truly felt back when he was a Genin and scorned by the villagers. Oh wait, he’s still a Genin? Okay, when he was Genin-level then ^^ Similarly, one of the other clones (you know, the one acting ridiculously gay) represented his Orioke no Jutsu side, though I don’t see a reason why a clone personality would have been made just for that.

Ack. there’s no end to the fillers, how many more crappy ship episodes are we getting? Next week sees Tenten and Shikamaru join Naruto on the ship, which brings up another question – if they just got assigned that mission, how did Tenten manage to join up with Naruto in hardly any time at all when it took Naruto multiple episodes?

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