Naruto Shippuden Episode 232: Girls Night Out

Depressed Hinata is depressed ):


Hinata is called to a Hyuuga clan meeting, where Hiashi announces that Neji will be the one leading the Hyuuga forces in the war, even though he is a branch family member. Depressed, Hinata later joins Tenten, Ino, Sakura and Shiho at the newly-reinstated BBQ restaurant in Konoha, where Tsunade gives her words of advice.


It looks like the Main family are finally changing their ways, or at least proving that they are – I’m sure that for the Branch family at least, Neji’s appointed role as the Hyuuga commander will ease a lot of Branch family Hyuugas that the Main family don’t all have sticks up their asses. For Hinata though, it must really be depressing for her to have worked so hard at improving her Jyuuken, yet seemingly being not recognized by her own father, who in my opinion is an insensitive prat. At least TELL your daughter the reason why don’t you.

The other part of the episode was mostly made up of the main cast girls eating out at the recreated BBQ place in Konoha – the place Team 10 always visited before Asuma died. Because the boys had nothing to do either, they ended up eating in the same place, albeit with a much quieter environment since Naruto was absent. Not much else happened really – I guess that’s what you get for single-episode fillers.

We go back to Naruto and his suspiciously long ship journey to Kumo next week, something to do with another island and impostors I think.

OH BY THE WAY – I actually watched the ED this week, in case there were any more massive manga spoiler-references, and I FOUND ONE (:

If spoilers were against the law, this would be beyond illegal...
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