Persona 4 (ep 1) You’re myself, I’m yourself.

After a long two weeks of severe bronchitis I have finally returned, friends! And let me tell you. THIS SHIT IS AMAZING!




Okay I can’t explain how AWESOME it was to start off immediately, Velvet Room, VELVET ROOM MUSIC! OMG

A strange man introduces himself to….someone we can’t see. Perhaps he’s even you. He and his assistant, Margaret, explain that normally only people who have made a contract can visit them. They wish this person well until such a time may come. A young man awakens onboard a train and soon he comes to his stop and exits the train. The title screen appears. OH GOD GUYS MY EXCITEMENT I CAN’T






FUCK kjghfdkjghklfjhfosdlf












Alright, so our protagonist is…You! Oh, sorry, I meant Yu. 

Who moved to this nice quiet little town in nowhere ville because his parents are working abroad. It’s almost like ~he could be anyone~~~ And in true Persona style…it literally shows you when the days change, as the next day comes and he’s coming to attend school.


Guys, man, just, fuck. I don’t know how to summarize this one so just let me give you my impression. They portrayed EVERYTHING PERFECTLY. The atmosphere was perfect, the music was perfect, the characters were perfect. I will admit the art style is funky. It makes Yu look like he has 5 o clock shadow or just ate a BUNCH of strawberries and forgot to wash his face. That’s what I’ll go with. DELICIOUS FRUITS COME TO ME NOMNOMNOM


still not as awesome as over nomming cookies.


The first characters introduced as ‘main characters’ are really Chie, Yukiko, and Yosuke. Yu is too of course, but he lacks emotion (luckily he shows it by the end! hooray!). We really get to see Yosuke and Chie clatter off of each other and Yu is rather bored most  of the episode. He’s very quiet and docile but well, come on. He was literally YOU in the game. I kind of like it though because Yosuke and Chie are so bouncy in the anime it comes off perfect. At times the animation can look SUPER weird. Like it looked like Chie had a beard half the episode and it goes between that and looking like someone likes koolaid too much…but the music is great. and can I tell you or what, the ending is SPECTACULAR. When they go into the TVs it’s PERFECT, and Yu summoning Izanagi was so flawless. FLAWLESS. PERFECTION.



FLAWLESS! AMAZING! So yeah if you’re not watching yet…DO IT! It has been AMAZING SO FAR! We’ll continue later today with episode 2 and perhaps even 3! 😉














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