UN-GO Ep 2: The Caged Bird

A murder case of Osaka Hisako that has been publicly announced as solved continues with Yuuki receiving a request from the victim’s caught Osaka An to find the true culprit.


Holy shit, I swear to god, this episode’s pace was so fast, that if you blink, you’re going to miss something. It was hard to tell what case they were exactly talking about, so I decided to re-watch the episode in hopes I’d understand how the conclusion came together. This time I paused it occasionally so I could keep track of taking down notes.
Now that I understand what the hell just happened, I really, really don’t like Kaishou Rinroku and  Prosecutor’s officials. They piss me off so much because they are forbidding An from revealing her vioce to the public which only made her efforts and sacrifices go down the drain! How unbelievably unfair! On top of that they didn’t even get the suspect right and ended up indirectly killing someone who wasn’t the culprit! I felt so bad for An because she was literally a caged bird, who wasn’t allowed to debut and show who she was and her voice to the world!
I’m so happy that Yuuki helped organize the upload spam of Yonagahime to get An’s voice out there and didn’t reveal that it was An who was the actual murderer despite she had admitted it out loud only to be brushed off as part of breaking down.
Finally the last thing I’m going to mention, Inga was pretty harsh this episode. She actually injured Yuuki, I can’t tell whether it’s a burn mark or just a wound caused by her in general, because the minute he landed on the ground, he was shaking and had actually shed a few tears. At that point of time, I wasn’t sure besides the fact Inga knew he was lying about not knowing the truth yet, whether he was trying to protect An and prevent her from being arrested.


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0 thoughts on “UN-GO Ep 2: The Caged Bird

  1. This was just…. it was such a fast paced I really dont know wtf happened…
    Didn’t understand what was going on when they started to download the song, then kept getting errors.

    1. Yeah it was far too rushed. X___x They didn’t give us a proper or a brief explanation so all there was left to do was assume what Yuuki was planning while he was speaking with the programer on both occasions. I just hope they won’t do that pace again, it’s ridiculous.

  2. I kinda lost track about halfway through, but we got hints at this being a crapsacharrine world (regulating the internet is the first sign of such) so yay!

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