So in the end….
Oh god, I don’t even…
I get it but…
Man, that… kind of crammed or… out of blue… just didn’t really fit. The episode ended so suddenly, with no indication of the case continuing, that if you didn’t wait to see the preview- you wouldn’t know that the case isn’t actually solved yet.
The main problem was, last week- the episode flew by like rocket and most people found themselves totally lost. This week they made it just plain confusing. The pace has definitely slowed down a bit, but even so, the first half of the episode was devoted to what’s probably going to be related to Case B. Case A, was the so-called murder because nobody realized that their step brother was actually an Android besides the mother. Does that make sense?
To be honest, I’m still confused about the episode, so hopefully next week’s episode will clear things up and have a solid conclusion for this case.
Aside from the confusions, Inga was adorable as very! GOSH, HE’S SO CUTE, EVEN WHEN HE’S INSANE! 8D And Rei, riding a horse like a boss. Hahahaha, cunning way to not break a law! I’m starting to like this girl a bit more!



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0 thoughts on “UN-GO Ep 3: WHY YOU SO CONFUSING?!

  1. I feel like dropping this anime >.<
    If the next episode doesnt get any better than I'm dropping this…

    1. =_____= I don’t blame you. If things don’t improve by next week, I’ll probably stop blogging this show but continue watching it.

  2. Just for the record, the uncle knew too. That’s why those two were acting like co-conspirators just before they found the camera.

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