Bakuman II Episode 6: Keep On Drawing


Mashiro ends up being taken to hospital, where the doctors inform him that he will undergo an operation, staying in the hospital for 3 months. The Jack editorial department are informed that Ashirogi Muto will be going on a hiatus, however Mashiro still wants to draw, with many people having different opinions. One day, Azuki decides to visit to discourage Mashiro from drawing; instead they meet face to face for the first time since Mashiro’s proposal.


Aww, this episode was sweet xD But at the same time, I can’t help but be confused at what everyone’s saying. First, everyone’s preventing him from drawing the Chapter 19 manuscript, then suddenly Takagi agrees to bring it to him? The only person who stayed cosntant was Mashiro’s mum, who is as usual worried for her son, and also surprised to see that his son has a real-life girlfriend. Hey, that’s a bit harsh. I was almost expecting her to tell Hattori and Miura that Mashiro wasn’t allowed to draw for Jack anymore, but the fact she didn’t removed a lot of complications – she’s accepted that her son is a mangaka.

I never thought Mashiro would actually end up in hospital. Okay, I lied, my friend had the nerve to spoil the fact he ends up undergoing an operation, and I thought he was just bullshitting until Mashiro collapsed last week. What did the doctor say exactly…operation to remove part of his liver? Wait, he’s not even drinking o.O My assumption was that it was a case of malnourishment and overwork leading to burnout, instead of needing that hospital tube thing and an operation. Obviously Mashiro hasn’t burnt out though, he fought from the start to finish this week, until he had a relapse and started having trouble holding his pen.

Kawaii Azuki is kawaii ^^ She only did visit because Takagi told her to, and initially her job was to persuade Mashiro to stop drawing, threatening (though it was futile) to hate him. And still, Mashiro picked manga over her facepalm I’ll just pretend he was too ill and wasn’t of his right mind, either that or he REALLY LOVES MANGA. Which I think he does actually, given his intense motivation over the past season. You can really see the intense desperation in his eyes when he repeatedly tells himself and others that he can draw the manga. I’ll have to add him to the “dedicated people” list alongside Nakai (: Anyway, Azuki and Mashiro meet face to face, she says she likes him, and I bet they would have kissed or something if they had more time alone xD When Niizuma visited he made a sharp assumption that Azuki was Mashiro’s girlfriend ( fiancée actually) since she looked identical to the female protagonist in Trap. Well played, well played.

The editorial department is in a mess now, Miura has to find a substitute manga to fill in for Ashirogi’s hiatus, and the boss-chief guy is reconsidering whether high school boys should be serialized. And it looks like Mashiro’s condition gets worse next week, with even more people in the manga world turning up to visit.

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