Ichigo starts to realize how powerless he is.

This episode was quite fun, there are some things that became clearer in my mind. It seems that the shady guy with the book is not a member of Xcution. But for some reason he has the same power as them and is doing everything in his power to make the people of Xcution’s life easier. There is something really fishy going on here and it is not a fisherman.


I never noticed before that Chad had a mouth

We finally saw Chad and he even said multiple words, I think he just beat his own record for the amount of words said in a single episode. Chad voice actor must be so sad that he plays a character who said fewer words in 347 episodes than Inoue scream “Ichigo” during a single episode. Regardless, Chad is a badass no matter how you look at him.

Ichigo finally decided to agree to be powerful again, it was about time, it has been a while since he was able to do anything, he nearly lost his younger sister to a weak hollow because he was useless. It was about time he realized that he had no future other than fighting to protect anyway. He has no idea what he wants to do with his life, so he might as well throw it away to protect the people close to him, that is one way to waste one’s life.

The one thing I was surprised was that Ichigo was actually able to see the hollow, even if only vaguely and for only a fraction of second, he still saw it and was able to injure him because of that. For a human with no power what so ever, he still knows how to fight. He was able to defeat a hollow he couldn’t see, the hollow was many time stronger than him and he still managed to slow him down a little. Now why does that Shady-guy-with-a-book made a hollow attack Ichigo’s sister? Most likely so Ichigo would want to get his power back, but why would he want that to happen? Who is that guy anyway. For all I know it seems he is Aizen 2.0, some evil genius who wants to make Ichigo grow in power so he can harvest him later, but in the end Ichigo will kill him because Ichigo will be stronger than expected. It feels like this is what always happens anyway.


It was quite the enjoyable episode indeed, now I can wait a little for next episode and to see if things will get even more awesome, or if everything will stagnate for a bit. I really want to see Ichigo get powerful again, I miss hearing him scream “BANKAI!”.


ZeroG signing off