Bleach 349 & 350: Mistress in Distress

Hey guess what, Inoue is in trouble again ! I never saw that one coming.

We finally had a taste of Tsukishima power in those last two episodes, he seems like a vicious opponent and someone ready to try anything to win. But just who is he and what does he wants to accomplish? If there is one thing I am confused about is who should be trusted. Neither Xcution nor Tsukishima sounds like a safe bet, I’m not sure why Ichigo doesn’t want to trust Kisuke and his own father, I mean usually if there is someone you can trust, it is your own family.



Well, Ichigo is working on recovering his powers, and he has more motivation than ever, but I wonder if he won’t be consumed by this power and acquire this power for bad reasons. It would be a nice turn of event to see Ichigo become the bad guy for once, after all he has everything needed to be a bad guy, a dire need for power, he used to be the strongest being alive and he is frustrated with life. What better reason to try to destroy the world? I mean Ichigo has a great reason to be worried about being betrayed by just about everyone, since everyone is hiding stuff from him to “protect him” for a guy that used to save the world every other day, to be left out like that must be really frustrating.


super power activated

Inoue on the other hand is just as pathetic as ever, she is such a useless little princess. She has no hope of defending herself ever and she still tries to protect  Ichigo. Even without any power what so ever I’m sure Ichigo is stronger than her, she never uses her power other than for self-defense or healing others, she has the ability to attack but I believe she used it only once over the last 350 episodes of bleach. She is not the one who should be protecting anyone. Now she even seem to be infected by Tsukishima special power and while I have no clue what that does, I’m sure she will turn into a zombie and start eating brains, or something similar. I mean, seeing as she has no brain to begin with, I would not be surprised if she was craving for one.


That was really disgusting

So, who should Ichigo trust? Xcution? Tsukishima? his own father? I guess going with those who offer power is most likely the best bet, but still, I cannot help it but to think that he is making a mistake he will regret later here. I’m sure we’ll see soon enough if he made the right choice.


ZeroG signing off

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