Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Ep 5: Loli vs Loli

Kobato uses Hasegawa cootie attack!

It’s super effective!


Rika brings over a beta version of a game simulation, where, after putting a headset on, you appear to be virtually transported into the game. They start off well but end up dying against the final boss, as Yozora and Sena sabotage each other and get killed. Back at home, Kobato grows increasingly pissed off with Kodaka being with the Rinjinbu so much, and finally she goes to his school to take a look, meeting Maria and getting off to a bad start with her.


The kind of software Rika managed to get a pre-release of was some epic technology, I can totally foresee that headset making its way to the gaming industry in the near future, if someone is clever enough to design that sort of innovation.

Anyway, it was basically a remake of that Monster Hunter PSP game from a few episodes ago, but this time they were actually transported to the virtual dimension, with the art taking a drop in quality. On the bright side, it was no less comedic than their playthrough of Monster Hunter, complete with dodgy outfits and Maria wearing her Index Walking Church. Once again Kodaka is the noob/useless guy, with only an ability called “Believe in Tomorrow”. I remember he actually tried it in the manga after everyone dies, only to lose in the most anticlimatic way possible xD Yozora just had to trick Sena into killing herself, but she never thought that Sena would take real life revenge ^^ Oh yeah, and Yozora was cuter than usual this ep. Much more dere.

Kodaka also insensitively keeps talking about his club every night at dinner with Kobato, and Reisis vi Felicity Sumeragi can’t help but wonder what is just so great about the Rinjinbu that would have Kodaka be so enthusiastic about it. And so she goes to take a look, or as Rika bluntly put it, Kobato “didn’t like how Kodaka prioritised the club over her, and came to see what the fuss was all about.” She was already pissed enough, and Maria just had to get up and glomp Kodaka, calling him her onii-chan.

We then got to experience Hanazawa Kana’s long string of kawaii “Aho”‘s, which reminded me of the one she did with Shiori from TWGOK ^^ I do prefer Kobato to Maria, so I was secretly cheering on Kobato when she had that loli catfight with Maria. His little sister just can’t be this cute! cough Oreimo reference cough Hasegawa cootie touch all the way dudes xD In the end, Kobato joined the Rinjinbu as well, and now Kodaka’s harem is complete! I must say, it’s quite a unique harem compared to some I’ve seen before – having a teacher and your imouto at least is a bit weird, but whatever floats his boat (:

Oh, and a small comment on the game outfits – while I’d love to say that Rika was the exhibitionist, I can’t argue at all with Sena’s outfit. I mean, she’s wearing no top at all apart from chest wrappings, and those boobs are huge o.O Oki would have a field day xD

Karaoke next week, I’m expecting that it’ll be a build-on of what the karaoke from the OVA showed us. Sena gets poked in the boob, Kobato argues with Maria and Rika starts licking and kissing her microphone. Normal Rinjinbu here guys xD

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