After returning to school, Fear and Haruaki are contacted by the principal once again, who tells them that a certain student, Shiraho hasn’t been turning up. Coincidentally, Shiraho was recently sent a  box containing a cursed tool, and the doll, Sovereignty escapes by assuming human form. Haruaki and Fear try to track the doll down.


This show is definitely letting itself loose with the sexy girls, first Kirika and now this week, Sovereignty! Though whether she’ll stick around and live in Haruaki’s house like he mentioned is quite uncertain for now. I can totally see a harem forming here by the way. Oh and there’s Shiraho, the klutz with an ahoge that just falls short of Konoha-level tits o.O

In this week’s episode I felt that a lot of the original madness and insanity was lost as Fear went back to her normal loli self, and there was a light-hearted tone and a lot of kawaii reactions, which, given the premise I can’t exactly blame it, but I would at least like some dark elements in each ep. Especially when she pulled out her torture devices, there was none of the usual aggression and even slight madness or change of tone, she remained as Yukarin as she was normally without her cube. I AM DISAPPOINT.

So, we’ve got this “perfect” doll, called Sovereignty who is extremely pretty, but has a stick up her ass about humans, and so she runs away which is supposed to solve what exactly? Everything from here on is quite cliché, with Sovereignty leaving a trail of the humans whose reiatsu she took (but didn’t kill) and having Haruaki, Fear and Konoha track her down. But oh noes, it’s a trap. SHOCK HORROR, I couldn’t see that coming at all! note the sarcasm And thus she sets rabid evil plush toys on them and melts away into the darkness…

Yeah I hope you get the gist – this plot wasn’t anything too fantastic, unlike last week when the Mummy Maker Amanda got brutally killed, or when Fear lost it and went berserk, even trying to commit suicide. Well that’s my impression at least. I kinda started having higher expectations of this show when I saw that it could really deliver, but I’m having second thoughts about that now. For anime like this, I think it should stick with either pure ecchi fun or dark seriousness, and there was the wrong imbalance of the two this time round.

Of course, my greatest worry is that it falls down the route of other shows with great premises like Dantalian no Shoka, where we get into the routine of a new cursed tool being saved with each episode, and the plot not really developing from there. I can already see it, with the studio being Silver Link stares at the first half of BakaTest S2 At this stage it’s quite easy to predict that Sovereignty probably had a terrible past with humans, and Haruaki then beats her using some ingenious method to make her realize her errors and change her ways THE END.

So please, C³? Try and impress me a bit more next week, kay? Or I’ll curse you

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  1. tachi himura

    what happend with the post of episodes 7 and 8 de C³?

    1. Eva

      Vantage is currently working on them. It’s been/is a busy week for all of us, so it’ll come out soon. 🙂

      1. Eva

        Ah I see what happened! You forgot to check off C³ for the category!!! That explains why I didn’t see it either! XD

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