This was a real emotional episode, for both Lancer’s backstory and what Waver and Rider had found at Caster’s base. During that scene I was holding my breath going, “DON’T LOOK WAVER! DON’T LOOK!”
Waver couldn’t have had a better servant than Rider! The man respects him for who he is and doesn’t bully him and put him down like the others do. It’s also sad how everyone declares him pathetic and pretty easy to get rid of unless Rider is protecting him. I’m very worried for the two since they are now the second group to be aware about Assassin’s Presence. By all means I don’t want to see Waver get killed because he’s such a good kid and being around Rider is really a good influence on him.
Lancer’s past was absolutely heartbreaking. I don’t know whether he had fallen in love with the Princess Grainne, (I guess he did) but we definitely know that she was in love (or at least had a crush on him) with him and wanted to get out of the marriage arranged with Fionn Mac (Hero of Aillen and leader of the knights of Fianna). Anyhow because of his relationship with Grainne be was declared as a traitor and he had to run and Grainne asked him to take her with him.
You know if there was an anime or a movie, all about Lancer’s past – I would totally see it. I would be crying my eyes out because of the tragic ending!
l do hope we will continue seeing the servant’s past because it’s very interesting. Better yet it helps us understand a bit more what their wish is and what made them a hero.
The way Kiritsugu is acting by completely ignoring Saber and aiming to take down his opponents directly by his master and ignore the safety of the children really bugs me. At this rate I’d just want him to hand over the damn seals to Irisviel because seriously – he doesn’t give a shit about the knight’s honour.
SOLA IS SUCH A BITCH. I fucking hate her. She is like, unbelievable! All she wants is to get close to Lancer and all I can see her doing is misusing the command seals for her own benefits and the Holy Grail for her own wishes and not Kayneth’s – you know in fact, she doesn’t give a damn about the guy anyways. At this point I actually feel bad for Kayneth.


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  1. thess

    Pff, don’t worry about Waver. Kid’ll do fine. Rider’s the best influence he could have asked for.
    As for Saber… Kiritsugu did have a point. If Kayneth had been conscious (something she didn’t know!), he would have ordered Lancer with a command seal to kill him. And then what? Saber would have lost the war, Maiya and Iris would be dead too without assistance. What she did was Lawful STUPID.
    Sola… scene… I feel like defending her, since she didn’t have any more choice to be engaged with Kayneth than Sakura had to be adopted by the Matous. Stupid magi. Of course she doesn’t care about him, it’s a forced engagement. Why should she?

  2. Eva

    You do have a point! I kind of forget about that. XD
    While I don’t blame her, I dislike Sola for how she’s taking advantage of things. I understand that she doesn’t have to give a damn about Kayneth since she despises him in the first place, but regarding her – I’m more concerned about Lancer who doesn’t want to repeat the ‘mistakes’ from the past. Aka betrayal of his lord and all that.
    And seriously this whole ‘arranged marriage’ and ‘trading kids’ is totally messed up! ;A;

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