Gundam AGE Episode 4 & 5 & 6

Episode 4
I knew that the UE were going to show up during their friendly duel, but man- that mothership or whatever it is, is INSANE and not to mention, BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! But holy shit, it can conceal itself and now that the Captain has seen it he says he knows what the UE are. So what are they androids/aliens? Anyways Emily’s character, while I don’t blame her for worrying about Flit, at one point or another- until she accepts it, it’s going to get freaking annoying. It looks to me in the preview that she’s going to confront the Captain to request him not to send Flit out into the battlefield. The next destination is Colony Fardain where Flit will meet Demon Boy and where Dique and Emily are supposed to be dropped off, but either way- I’m pretty sure that both of them are going to end up staying on board.

Episode 5

So the folks arrive to the colony and BAMF, there’s UE EVERYWHERE, and apparently, the folks living there are either ignoring them or completely oblivious to them, or even worse: Collaborating with them.
Today we met a little boy who turned out to be extremely mischievous and had set up the encounter so that he can enter Diva. On top of that, not only he successfully achieves doing so, he also hijacks the Gundam and ‘test it out’. In the end of the episode we see he’s working with a TOTALLY NOT SUSPICIOUS  organization walking about in dark cloaks and masks.
However, it turns out little Desil has the exact same power as Yurin! As I suspected when we first saw her, she possesses the ability that the enemy probably also has and uses to their advantage. In fact, I think she’s involved with the UE or this organization- heck we don’t even know whether the UE and these shady guys are on the same team or not. For all I know, these ‘special’ people aren’t ordinary humans or possibly even human for that matter. Anyhow, it makes me wonder if Flit has that power within him, but he yet to awaken it, otherwise…
I’d have to assume he’d need someone with that power to co-pilot with him and hold his hand to prevent him from getting killed in dangerous situations. *SHOT*
Just kidding.

Episode 6

Within a colony, two different sides Zalam and Euba are fighting each other and are all too pre-occupied to notice the UE is RIGHT ABOVE THEM. On top of that, when Flit was saving Iwark’s life and ended up encountering te UE, I must say that was definitely a set up. The UE purposely had Flit attack him, and used his ‘beam barrier’ to deflect it and ended up having the Gundam accidentally cause some serious damage. As result he’s under arrest by the Zalam party, but seriously- I’m quite suspicious about the Zalam  party and somehow, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were collaborating (if possible) with the UE. Otherwise, they just took advantage of the situation so that they could get their hands on the gundam.
Another thing about this colony is that there’s more than what meets the eye. On the surface displays a city of wealth, for the rich and beneath then is the colony’s the lower class, the poor. In the beginning, without knowing about the two parties, Zalam and Euba, I had thought maybe it was a fight between the rich and the poor, but now we know it’s not the case.
Captain Grodek is quite a problematic character. It’s now clear that he is seeking revenge against UE, but exchanging classified military information for four war ships to be built is just batshit insane- ESPECIALLY with that kind of person. Who knows what they’d try doing with it! The whole idea of destroying the UE’s
Meanwhile all this, Wolf is getting his mobile suit upgraded in hopes for it to be better than the Gundam.


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