Phi Brain episode 9: Another Boring day at school

Time to crossdress and put fire to the school, just another boring day at Root Academy.


Even if the story is finally going somewhere, I still can’t find myself liking this show. Too much comedy relief and not enough story or epicness completely ruined the show. There was simply a lack of good stuff in this show. The concept of puzzle was interesting, the story seemed to have some kind of story to go on, but in the end it turned into a big pile of shit. Everything that was present and available to make the show good was overshadowed by the bad parts.


It's ok bro, not everyone can be intelligent

Maybe it is just me, but I absolutely hate shallow characters, comedy relief characters or in other words, anything that does not contribute in some ways to the story. I really really really hope this show won’t go for a second season, they had about half of the episodes be filler-esque in nature, If they decide to extent the story for another season, I will be severely disappointed. The only thing decent about this show is the opening theme, and it is less than 2% of what the show is all about. The characters having amazing background that is never used and personalities that don’t really reflect those backgrounds and there are about 4 characters in the story with no purpose what so ever if not to do funny stuff on camera to entertain the audience. I’d watch a child cartoon if I wanted silly characters to do funny stuff on TV.


That guy knows how to hold a laptop

It is beginning to be hard to do a meaningful cover for this show, because I could talk about what happened during the episode, but really, who cares at this point? Kaito is currently trained to be able to unlock Phi Brain? We knew that already. The identity of Minotaur is now revealed? Not like it changes much to the story, we always knew this kid was fishy anyway. It was kind of fun to know a little about his background, but I was not really surprised and it is not like it brings much to the story anyway to know who holds the title of Newton.


I demand a penis check for Anna Gram, I want proof that he is a he.

And that was about just everything we learned this episode, the show is going somewhere, but the path to the end is boring and meaningless, I just want to see Kaito finish this damned Puzzle of the God and be over with this show, it is just not worth my time anymore, and I’m really wondering why you are still watching it.


Hopefully next week someone dies, there is a sex scene or the show get canceled, this way I’ll have something interesting to talk about.


ZeroG signing off

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