Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi S2 episode 8: Insecurity

Kisa is in love, but he is really insecure about his situation, is he overreacting or is his relationship with Yukina really in danger?

Sometimes our fears make everything look worse than how things really are. But in the case of Kisa, his fear might very well be justified. I mean, of course I know that the show is really cheesy an in the end this is all but a misunderstanding, but if I was in his place, I would be suspicious too. He has girl flocking around him like he is some delicious meal. Even worse, he is the kind of guy that is kind to everyone, so the girl never get the wrong idea either. And who knows, he might be bisexual and try to date both gender at once.


He sure looks like he is enjoying himself

There are only two possibilities for Kisa here, either Yukina is really mean and cruel or he is very kind and innocent. Maybe he is playing in his back and using him, or maybe he has no clue he is doing something wrong and he really don’t mind not being able to see Kisa everyday. Kisa acts really insecure for a 30 years old, but at the same time, he never really had to deal with real love, this is all new to him. Love can make a man do and think weird things, and usually, the more you think when you are in love, the worse things will get, you need to feel love, not think it through. Kisa was so used to exploit people and not care for them, that he never learned or listened to his own feelings and now he is disregarding them at the moment when he needs them. If you are insecure, don’t imagine and come up with scenarios. Ask the person in question for the truth. Maybe you will like the answer, maybe you won’t, but at least you won’t be tormented by false scenarios and you won’t ruin everything if you were wrong. Because guess what, if indeed the answer to your question is not what you hoped to hear, not hearing it won’t change the fact that your relationship will fail.


He's a neovampire, kill it with fire !

Yukina is not much better with this either I must say, he is so carefree and he never assume himself and say what he really wants, so how is Kisa supposed to feel safe if he never say what he really feels? Don’t try to protect the person you love by telling lies, you will only hurt yourself in the end and endanger your relationship. Sometimes the greatest evil comes from the best of intentions.


Girls...always ruining guys lives

It was a good episode overall, Of course I would rather see the story between Takano and Ritsu, but this one was interesting nonetheless and it offered a different kind of problem from what we saw before. I’m looking forward to the resolution of this mini-arc next episode, I wonder what the truth is behind all this.


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