UN-GO Ep 6 & 7: Operation Mindfuck

 Episode 6:


This week, the entire mood of this show changed drastically! This time, the episode was well paced, eerie and unpredictable. I would say this is the best episode yet since the man who claims himself to be a ‘Reality Novelist’ as well was the one who decided to make Shinjiro his main character. This is someone who frightens Shinjiro and is totally messed up. He freaks me out, and sends chills down my spine. As for Kaichou, he had me thinking he was having an affaire with Yajima’s wife at first only to be proven wrong afterwards.
With only five episodes remaining, I do worry whether that’s enough time wrap this up properly since the main villain is only debuting today. Now the big question is: How do you fight against a so-called, ‘Reality-Novelist’ when they control and set up all the events?

Episode 7:

From what I understand- Shinjiro has been completely mindfucked by the Reality Novelist and ended up getting arrested. It looks like he may have either A) committed a crime just as he did during Reality Novelist’s’s mindfuck process or B) Is going batshit crazy and is making absolute no sense.
Sucked to see that Inga was not part of the episode at all, but this way- it only became more intense and it looks like Kazamori will be the one to guide/help Shinjiro snap out of it.
Finally, I’m rather indifferent about whether I should continue blogging this. I don’t hate the show so I will certainly continue watching it, but I’m really lacking the motivation to write about this. :\ I know I only need to put up with this for just four more weeks, but man… it’s just… Anyways, this will be my last impression on it.
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