Working! Season 2 Episode 7: So Cute! And Funny! ^.^

This week, a new character is introduced!!! And to be honest, he’s quite a lot more adorable than Takanashi will ever be ahem oops, it just slipped my mind, that’s all.
Inami meets him on her way to work, in a back street somewhere where she might get raped by a molester rumored to be around here. It turns out that Yamada Kirio is looking for his sister, and he happens to look exactly like the Yamada living at the store! Golly gosh darn, I wonder who’s sister this is. Not only is he quite cute, he seems to have a kick for Inami, AND HE CAN BLOCK HER PUNCHES!! WHAAA!!

I never thought I'd see the day when someone blocks Inami's punch so gracefully.

As Kirio keeps repeating that Inami is incredibly cute, this girl stays completely oblivious to it, and meanwhile Takanashi notices her and becomes quite jealous of Kirio Damn right, you should be. Everyone starts worrying at work because he’s acting so weird, and in the end Takanashi seems to have the EPIPHANY OF LIFE and goes home Is this… could it be?!?! Nah… He’s too stupid… I think?
After he has gone home, Takanashi goes all depressed over the fact that he thinks he’s being a masochist Yup, he’s an idiot. I actually didn’t even get my hopes up for this one. Thus, the episode ends, because he’s back to normal.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh my god, this was hilarious!! It’s too bad, really, that this season took 7 episodes to actually get somewhere plot-wise, but this episode was great!
I support Kirio on this screencap... She's...So cute!

First off, I absolutely love Kirio already :). He’s sooooo cute! Moreover, he was so direct at Inami and caught her punches, and he’s not
^.^ You little cutie-pie, why you so adorable!

pathetically stupid like Takanashi is, and Inami talks to him without much trouble, and he’s adorable!!!! ^.^ Ok I’ll stop ranting.
Apart from that, it looks like the plot is back on track! Takanashi’s jealousy was fun, despite the fact that he’s an idiot and that he mistook it for him being a masochist. I expected that part, which is why I’m not too mad about it After all, it’s Working we’re talking about, however the part that made me like this the most was the reaction of everyone else around him. “He’s nuts… Inami punched him too much and he’s gone crazy…” Meanwhile, Sohma was laughing in the background like crazy, obviously aware of everything. It was hilarious!!
His laugh made this episode so priceless.

This episode was totally great, I feel as though I’ve finally started watching the sequel of Working! Before that, I thought it a pale imitation of the first one, without the plot and without the humour :/. At least, now it looks like it’s back to having awesome humour, cute moments and sweet characters! GO GO GO!! Cheers It’s really too bad it took them half a season to get back on track though...

Facial Expression of the Week

I know I've used this picture already, but SHE'S SO ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!! OH MY GOD!!

2 thoughts on “Working! Season 2 Episode 7: So Cute! And Funny! ^.^

  1. You should have used the picture when Inami made a crack on that pole XD
    I loved the part where Kyoko started putting plush dolls on Takanashi, then later was gonna put Poplar on top XD

    1. OMG yeah that was hilarious also! And I thought putting the picture with the crack would kinda ruin the cuteness of it, so I purposely took another one XD It just makes it a lot more menacing when you know that such a cute lady can destroy concrete with her fingers, you know…

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