Working!! Season 2 Episode 8: Sisters, Rivalry and Stalkers… What a weird combination.

…And thus, Taneshima Popura is taken as her replacement for a day.

That's just downright creepy.

With this, Inami feels sad on the inside because she wishes she could be told that she’s cute just as Takanashi tells Taneshima, and Sohma, with his big and slightly twisted heart, decides to help her out. This results in a failure most of the time however much laughter is involved, and in the end she manages to get a recording of him saying how cute she is in her picture when she was 5.
In the second half of the episode, Yamada Kirio comes back! This time, he visits Wagnaria, as he goes around and looks for his sister once more. He ends up being all over Inami, which makes Takanashi go jealous, and in the end Sohma does his best so that Yamada doesn’t meet up with her brother.
I just shipped these two together. I just decided.

In the end, Sohma ends his day fully exhausted, since Kirio seems to show up wherever Yamada goes, and thus the episode ends.
Sweet, another cool episode!
Oh Sohma, why you so evil.

I found this week to be absolutely hilarious, I laughed the whole throughout! The jokes were nice, the pace was great, I’m glad I wasn’t deceived because last week’s episode was great also. It’s about time this shows me some good stuff!
Of course, there was still no love development or barely when it came to Inami and Takanashi, but that’s normal… I liked how Sohma acted though, for once I think he decided to be nice, and seeing him and Yamada together made me wanna ship them together. I think there’s a huge age difference though… Ah well. They’re still cute together 🙂 That’s what Japan does to you O_o Makes you stop wondering about politically incorrect things like a ridiculous age difference... I was also happy to see another side of Sohma, one that wasn’t as mean and sadistic, still manipulative, but not as much.
So basically, this show still isn’t that great, I mean the plot isn’t very well developed, but right now what I love the most about it is the comedy. This show is back to how it was from what I remember of season 1, and hopefully it will stay like that until the end! Because the first half of this second season was literally terrible.

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