Working! Season 2 Episode 9: Awwww, so cute…

This is so adorable...


She then goes around with Sato to try and find one.Now I’m interested!

Thus, we follow the 2 around on their “date” and realize that
1) Yachiyo is terrible with technology
2) Yachiyo is freakishly afraid of store clerks
3) The store clerk gives us good reasons to be scared of her since she looks like the demon but that’s besides the point.
Back at work, Yohei the delinquent decides to come in for a visit, gets hit on literally and figuratively speaking by Takanashi’s sister, leaves, and that was the end of Yohei’s return for some reason I feel like his visit was shortened quite a bit.

"being hit on" just took on a whole new meaning

The rest of the episode, Mitsuki (Yohei’s sister) decides to stalk Yachiyo around to see if “her environment is safe” since she can’t be hanging out with other guys other than the “family” they’re in Riiiight. Meanwhile, Takanashi reprimands Yamada too much, to a point where she decides to run away on the back porch and in the end Takanashi goes and get her, apologizing for reprimanding her too much.
Tehe ^.^

This episode was soooooo cute in so many ways!! ^.^
To start off, I thought Yachiyo was so completely adorable in this episode, it’s getting more and more obvious that she likes Sato but just hasn’t realized it yet. I found her to be quite unreliable though, but she was cute so I’ll forgive her. The scene where Sato put the cover on her was so very adorable as well, I couldn’t help but utter an “awwwww, so cuuuute…”. It looks like their development is going well, unfortunately I doubt anything major between them will happen before the end of this season.
Ouch. That's painful.

Moving on, I didn’t think Yamada would turn out to have a cute side to her as well. She actually tried her best this episode, it was adorable to see her try so hard, and then run away because she felt like she was being yelled at for no reason.
In the end, I don’t think I have much more to say about this, other than that I thought this episode was going to be boring when I started it, however it turned out much more interesting than I believed it would. It was full of cute moments, and from what I’m seeing of next week’s preview, it looks like next week should be awesome as well.

Facial Expression of the Week


2 thoughts on “Working! Season 2 Episode 9: Awwww, so cute…

  1. The last picture was epic XD
    Working!! is starting to get better now 😀 I really cant wait for the next episode.

    1. Yes, definitely! At least now I don’t get bored while watching the episodes! I still wouldn’t call this a masterpiece, considering there’s still not much plot, but forgetting that part it really is good.

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