YGO Zexal Status Update

Hi everyone! My arms and hands are feeling a whole lot better though they still hurt a bit, so I’ll resume blogging as of today!
Anyways, I wanted to give a status update regarding YGO Zexal.
So I actually fell behind on it and finally caught up to episode 30 (despite that episode still as RAWS) and you know what? This show isn’t worth my time to blog anymore. I’m even surprised with myself for putting up with it, but man- it has gotten so stupid (heck it was stupid to begin with!) I just… Yeah, you get what I mean.
Despite the fact I’m dropping the show for blogging, I will continue to watch it for the hell of it (of course now I will have the luxury to just skim through it!). If by any chance an EPIC episode that actually MAKES SENSE and NOT STUPID, I might end up writing a post for it- and if anything, it would probably most likely revolve around Shark.
YGO Zexal


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