Chihayafuru Ep 12

Was it just me or this episode felt just a little rushed, but long at the same time??? It was a strange senstation but yeah, that’s what I felt. It was emotional to see that Chihaya’s victory was recognized  by her family as her elder sister is the usually the  one who has all the attention. Chihaya has never been able to actually muster up the courage to say it out loud to her family, or at least never felt it was the right moment to do so.
It was generous of Retro-kun to give Taichi and the others the notes he has gathered regarding the team they will be facing. There was quite a time skip from the training to the tournament time. I recall that another thing I’ve noticed when I went back to reread some chapters that have just been translated, that the anime has actually shifted the order between Desktomu’s and Nishida’s debute. Also it’s about time that the empress has decided to become their advisor, I was waiting for that to happen. Now Chihaya and her team are at the Nationals. There they will be facing difficult opponents, terrifying foes and an unexpected reunion and surprises.


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