This was a powerful episode were as we learned a whole lot about Rider and his Noble Phantasm: Ionian Hetairoi. Basically his NP is his loyal men who are all heroic spirits however decide to serve under him.
The moment when Rider used his Noble Phantasm, it was it was so magnificent, so exhilarating that I was like, “THIS IS AMAZING!” AND THEN AT THE VERY MOMENT HE WAS MAKING HIS SPEECH, MY COMPUTER SHUT OFF FML, TALK ABOUT RUINING THE MOMENT! Seriously, like – my god!!! You’d think that would give him a huge advantage, but I could imagine it would be quite a tough battle against Gilgamesh and his unlimited treasury resources which is also his Noble Phantasm.

Rider, as a true King, Iskandar- no longer acknowledges Saber as a King because he realized that her ideals and how she supposedly led her people and her wish is to make up the mistake she made in the past, her biggest regret. Because Gilgamesh didn’t protest or anything, I suppose this means he acknowledges Rider, of course not as a King, but a worthy warrior/leader at the very least.
I was actually surprised that Gilgamesh actually sat down with them, brought his wine and didn’t take a hissy fit of any kind. He’s a sadist, but I am curious about whether it’s within this series, that he does ‘fall in love’ or whatever he feels towards Saber which is said in Fate/Stay Night.
Even though this episode did lack action, the King’s Banquet was definitely enjoyable and we learned a lot about the characters and their wishes and reasons why they are after the grail.

Rider wishes to be able to have an incarnation as a human so that he can explore the world as he please rather than a heroic spirit, which isn’t too surprising.
Gilgamesh claims that the Holy Gail already belongs to him because of his treasury obsession, and anyone who tries to take it is deemed as a thief and will be punished.
Saber on the other hand only wants to change history and make up for what she has done wrong in the past. So because of her response, her title has been unofficially removed because Iskandar, a true king pointed out her flaws and was spot on about why she had failed in the first place. Saber failed to lead her men. She was naive into thinking that as a King, her role is to protect the weak and did not hold the pride that would inspire her men to follow her and remain loyal.
Overall epic episode. I’ve already re-watched this five times already, it’s just that awesome!
Next week I wonder whether our Kings and regretful knight will be facing Caster!



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  1. Thess

    Actually, Gilgamesh does acknolwedge Alexander as fellow king and worthy enemy (promising that he’ll die by his hands and quietly agreeing that a king isn’t alone). He respects him.
    Sadly, the episode had many scenes cut. Including more Gilgamesh trolling Saber, Saber being all TYRANTS! AND HERETICS!! at them before Rider’s NP K.O. her (because that’s what she wanted to accomplish in life with her ideal, selfless path and couldn’t, she ended up betrayed and killed misunderstood by her own son, who thought she hated him).

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