Phi Brain episode 11: Bad

This show is not getting any better even has the end approaches.

That's some lame costume you got there, was the plan to kill them with shame?

I don’t know what is supposed to happened of interest in this show anymore, As much as I would like to call today’s episode a filler, it was not any better or worse in term of story progression as any of the other episodes. The story is simply lackluster and going nowhere. By the way things are going, they either intended to make a second season, or the ending will be rushed. Either way, it is a really bad idea. I’m not sure what would be worse right now, a never-ending ending, or what we currently have. I just want to show to be over, it is one of the worst there is this season. Now that I think about it, Maji de Watashi and Persona4 are just as bad.


rawr I defend the earth with my puzzles rawr

I don’t care about any of the character anymore, like not even a little bit. They are all boring and don’t feel like real people. And I’m not just talking about Kaito and his friends here. The “bad guy” is so generic it is killing me. He is evil only for the purpose of being evil, there is no reason for the way he acts or at least, it is never explained. Don’t just put character for pure fun, they need to have a purpose and a personality ! I feel like I did this rant a million times and it might be the case, but this is the thing that frustrate me the most in some anime. The only character that seemed to have some background and story was Kaito, but in the end it was never really exploited and when it was, it was boring. He actually has an interesting background, but the guy has just as much emotion as a goldfish, he only has two face, puzzle time face and bored face. Every character as only one face and no matter what the hell is going on around them, they still just stare aimlessly at it without being bothered at all. This episode grenades were thrown at them and they just kept happily working to solve the puzzle, it is simply ridiculous. It seem that what is happening around them as no consequence on them ever. No one will ever die because the show is shit and therefore the danger lose all its interest. Gamon should have been allowed to be a bad ass and sacrifice himself to solve last episodes puzzle, Elena would then have died this episode and the show would be back to something at least remotely watchable.


I'd catch a grenade for you

I guess there is only two episodes left, but that’s still a lot considering how bad this thing is. I guess I’ll just keep on rambling about how terrible this is a couple more weeks before it finally ends. Feel free to stop watching this show anytime, to be honest, I have no clue why you would still be watching this.


ZeroG signing off

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      1. I’m surprised I followed it this far, since the story just rolled over and feel asleep somewhere in the first handful of episodes. Persona 4 has the redeeming quality of having cool graphics and humour. xD I guess it’s alright if you’re a puzzle fan.

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