Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi S2 episode 10: Time to accept reality

This is getting really frustrating, I feel like Ritsu is trying his best to do everything wrong. He is messing everything up. He knows how he truely feel, but even so, he is afraid of telling the truth, he is unable to believe that he is in love. Even with all the signs, even with the ways he acts and loses his mind, he cannot believe in what he feels. You can only lie to yourself so much before the truth gets back in your face.


Whacchu looking at foo'

Ritsu, how can you possibly not want to tell Takano how you feel, I know you are shy, I know that you try to repress your feelings, but just why, oh why. Yes you have difficulty to accept that you are in love with a man, but you are in love with him since many years, he never really left your heart. you saw other people, but every time, you went back to think about him. You had empty relationships and you never found love once again. Don’t you realize that your heart was taken from that day onward ! Stop fooling yourself, embrace your emotions, you are so afraid to hurt yourself, so afraid to hurt him again, that you are hurting everyone around you, even you.



Now that I have said that directly to this fictional character, I am certain that everything will be for the best from now on. Ritsu will hear the voice of reason. He knows that it is exactly what he wants too. No matter how much he hates himself and how he refuses happiness, he knows that he really wants it. Some people are just too scared of the intense pleasure of love to accept it. But I’m certain Ritsu will never regret it, love is something that help you move forward and accomplish your goal, if the love is true, it will never stop you from reaching your dreams, on the contrary it will give you much needed strength in order to accomplish them.


Don't worry, a kiss will make the pain go away

The last thing I want to say about this episode is that Takano will have to hit Yokozawa soon. That guy is causing him just as much trouble as Ritsu, Takano always act so tough and pushy, but in the end, his life is controlled by two men and he cannot break his bond with any of them. He’ll have to set things straight with both of them if he wants to stop living the way he does now.


In conclusion, this was an amazingly great episode, of course it is nothing as epic as Fate/Zero, but in term of yaoi romance, this is the first and best one I’ve seen. Now some people will say I don’t have seen enough to judge how good or bad this is, well just deal with it.


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