Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi S2 episode 12 [Final]: Memories of First Love

The final episode of the second season of Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi has arrived, time to see the conclusion of this yaoi romance.

So it is over, We finally were able to see the other side of this story, all this lost past was finally revealed, no wonder Ritsu tried to forget all about it, that guy is so shy he would even forget all the nice things he’s done in order not to feel embarrassed. So in the end everything make a lot more sense now. Ritsu was always the kind one in the relationship, even if he always had trouble to express his love. He stalked and ran away when he had to reveal his feelings, but otherwise he was so kind and passionate. The only thing he wanted was to see Takano happy and to spend time with him, he was not hoping for anything in return, only to see his smile was enough. It was real love, he was simply never able to express it.


It looks like this guy was always as shy as he currently is

On the other end, Takano was someone who had a lot of problem in his love life, he had trouble at his home and at school he seemed to be constantly approached by girl, even if he never really fell in love before. As he later said, and my favourite part of the show:

“I didn’t think I’d ever love you this much when I first met you. You’re not the first person I ever went out with, but you are my first love.”


He went into relationship previously just because why not, but has he said in this episode, the more the girl approached him, the less he wanted to see them. He was looking for fun, but he was never interested in going anywhere with those girls, because he never actually loved them. They might have been really nice girl, the one who approached him this episode sure was nice, but in the end, he never fell in love with her.


Poor girl, she was really cute and sweet too

On the other hand with Ritsu, he had no feeling or nothing for him at the beginning, love at first sight was not what happened here, it was a much more realistic love. He got to know him little by little, he didn’t really care much for Ritsu at the beginning, but as he had fun with him and met him more and more, he grew fonder and fonder. It was not love yet, but he knew that he was interested in that guy. In the end, over time, love bloomed. This is why Takano always pushed himself on Ritsu, Ritsu was able to kind of move on, but Takano was still in love with him, once you fall in love, it is really hard to completely move on, even if the feelings can diminish, you are always susceptible of falling in love again if you were to see the person again. And in this anime, it is exactly what happened.


So this is it, the past has finally been completely revealed and now Ritsu and Takano will slowly become closer and closer, the chase is over, the relationship begins, but that is a completely different story.


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