Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi S2 episode 9: That’s not how it works

This episode is frustrating !

Oh Kisa, just how childish are you. I know that you never learned how to love, but you should try not to ruin everything for you on purpose. Even after he realized that everything was just a big misunderstanding, he still wanted to go through with the break up, he is in love and he doesn’t know how to handle it. Fear can stop you loving, and when you are afraid of love,  it can get dangerously messy. Kisa is the kind of guy who runs away when ever he gets into trouble, he never fights it, he simply run. In his job he continue to fight because now he knows how, but in love he has no idea what he is fighting for and what he should be expecting.


For two people in love, they sure look happy

Love is never as simple as one think it is, because if you can think it, it is not love. Love is a mismatch of crazy emotion and the more you try to rationalize it, the worse things will become for you. It is something that you just need to let go and have fun with, try to think the least possible, because if you start thinking things will go wrong. Kisa loves was going just when he was in crazy rush at his job and he had no time to think about it, it is only when he stopped working and start thinking about his situation that things got bad.

At least Kisa found the perfect man for him, someone with confidence to spare and who loves him more than anyone else. He is lucky, he could have ended up with someone who would uses him and manipulate him, after all Yukina is cute enough to get anyone he wants, so he could easily just uses people as he sees fit.


Tip #1 : When cheating on your boyfriend, don't do it while he is watching

I was really frustrated with this episode, because things are going well for those two and Kisa wanted to ruin everything and stop himself from loving because of his insecurity. How cruel is it, to oneself and to your partner, to stop loving someone because you love him? Maybe I am frustrated about this more than I should because I did it at some point in my life and I regret my choice, but love is something beautiful (even if it is between two person the same-sex as I am and I have no sexual interest for them) and it should never be this cruel.  I’m glad that he finally understood reason and decided to follow his emotion once again, love is supposed to be painful at time, but never as much as this guy wanted it to be.


Anyway, this episode was great, I am looking forward to see what story we will have next week, and hopefully it will be more cheerful.


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