The iDOLM@STER Ep 10: Idol Sports Competition

765 Pro enter an Idol Sports Competition which will reward them a debut boost, however their rivals Shinkan Shoujo grown envious of the amount of media attention on them despite their poor position in the competition.

Today was an idol sports competition. I was surprised that I actually enjoyed watching it, but in the back of my head kept on thinking during the final relay race, “….The other teams don’t have as many members as them….how the hell did most of them even take part of the competition in the first place????”
Despite how poorly 765 Pro were during the in beginning of the competition, it was inevitable that the girls who were not part of Shinkan Shoujo are pretty envious about the attention and fame that 765 Pro have been receiving. I wanted to slap that girl for making Yayoi cry (even though Yayoi should’ve ignored her, but she’s younger so…), and I couldn’t help but laugh at the girl who immediately grew a crush on Makato.
Iori and Makoto had shown to not get along being partners, which probably wouldn’t have been good in the first place because as shown in the last episode, Makato is extremely fast and to run at a steady and consistant pace without having to reduce the speed too much, it would’ve been better strategically to have the second fastest runner as her partner in the first place when organizing the teams in the beginning.
Σ(O□O lll)) Ah, whoops I got carried away with the sports strategy talk and….
Overall this was a decent episode. There were some funny parts, some were dull but in the end you should be able to enjoy it. The music in this episode was pretty awesome. I really loved L・O・B・M, it was a great song!


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