The iDOLM@STER Ep 8: Azusa's Wild Adventure

765 Pro members Makoto, Miki and Azusa take part of a wedding photoshoot. However Azusa finds herself constantly getting lost with her poor sense of direction after having been mistaken for another run away bride and tries to find the girl she had bumped into earlier the ruin her the ring.

This episode was absolutely hilarious. Azusa has no sense of direction but despite that it worked for the benefit of the people she was helping out and went on quite an interesting adventure! I really loved how she was trying so hard to return the wedding ring and how calm she was when she was ‘kidnapped’ because of misunderstanding. Azusa also looked absolutely STUNNING this episode, and I hope she’ll find her true love ! But i doubt we’ll be seeing this happen at all in this show… ;A; *SOBS* What a shame… Honestly speaking I was hoping she would run into someone where as she’d potentially start a relationship ;A; that would’ve been awesome…

Makato was SUPER BADASS this episode, I loved seeing her fight against the men! I honestly want to see more of that in the future!!! I was laughing my ass off when she and the guys were vandalizing the marketplace, taking whatever was near them launching it at each other. I’m more surprised to see that neither of them were arrested, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
I felt bad for the Producer being tormented to pay the fines, but fortunately Oil did it in his stead.
Miki’s photo suggestions were so awesome, hahahaha those shots of the men chasing Azusa and everything were super epic.
Overall this is by far the most hilarious episode yet. I really enjoyed it!!! It’s exaggerated, but still awesome!


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