The iDOLM@STER Episode 11: Everything Falls Apart


It’s time for 765 Pro’s big debut, as the Producer has received the green light for holding a live concert with Ryuuguu Komachi as the centrepiece. However, both Yukiho and Yayoi are having trouble with the dance steps of their new song, while Haruka isn’t great on the lyrics. Just when everyone’s fixed it up and things are going a bit better, Miki suddenly stops turning up, after being denied to join Ryuuguu Komachi after a misunderstanding.


On the Chihaya front, we’ve discovered a bit more about her past and her values – and probably the reason why she’s so serious compared to the other cheery idols. It’s clear that something has happened to the little brother she used to have, which might have even catalysed their parents’ divorce and made her a really broody person. But seriously! You should decorate your apartment a bit more! I don’t think she’s just moved in recently or anything…

In terms of the live concert, things weren’t going amazingly well before, and my biggest fear would be Yukiho or Yayoi suddenly messing up while on stage, which would be fatal since this is their debut. Ganbatte, guys! I think they were all really spurred on by Ryuuguu Komachi performing so well in sync, and they have such amazing outfits too!

To be honest, I think Miki’s hope of joining Ryuuguu Komachi was a futile one, especially since the group was intended by Ritsuko to be a three-piece idol unit, not to mention that as everyone saw, Ryuuguu Komachi were so much in sync with each other that it would be more disruptive than helpful to put in a new member. I do feel really bad for Miki though, who had her whole incentive of working as an idol crushed. Still, it’s going to be a problem if she doesn’t turn up anymore, and pretty selfish too since it would mess up plans for the other idols in terms of their schedule for the live concert.

The Producer never actually confirmed Ryuuguu Komachi was accepting new members, if I remember right his exact wording to Miki was “Yeah, maybe.” And he was on the phone to boot. I guess it’s up to Producer to sort out the mess he made, though why Ritsuko didn’t confront him and ask I have no idea – it actually took a text from her the next day for him to realize something was wrong. Come on Producer, you can do it! Down the Miki route we go~

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