The Idolm@ster Episode 2: Photoshoot Fail

765 Pro members finds themselves with no jobs as all of their auditions have failed due to horrible promo pictures. The producer decides to redo it with normal outfits with hope that it will be more successful, however Ami, Mami, Iori, and Yayoi all have something else in mind.

Ami, Mami, Iori, and Yayoi all failed so bad! HAHAHAHAH!!! The way the overstuffed their chests to make their boobs look bigger but only end up making it so deformed and weird and totally abnormal- I got a good laugh out of this!
The senior members have more experience in the photoshoots as the young girls observed and learned a few things to make their shots successful. However I have to say Iori wasn’t too far from the idea of what would make them successful, that being unique and standing out amongst the competition – however the girls didn’t understand that piece of advice properly.
The president of their agency is not the man to give them suggestions or review the photoshoot sets because my god – even the Producer and Kotori agree that he has not only weird tastes but having chosen the worst shots and outfits which jeopardizes their chances of getting jobs.
This episode was pretty slow paced and if it weren’t for the humor it would’ve been quite bland and boring.
I was pretty damn escatic to see that the dancing was NOT CG (I’m talking about the Opening here)!
For those who aren’t aware already, I despise seeing dancing/fighting CGs unless it’s good quality – and believe me, I’m picky about it.


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