The iDOLM@STER Episode 9: Who Ate the Pudding?


When Ami and Mami find out that Iori’s stash of “Gorgeous Celeb” puddings are missing from the fridge at the office, they go on a mini-investigation to find out who it was.


That scene at the start from the murder mystery was pretty unexpected – it seems Ryuuguu Komachi has been getting larger-scale work that isn’t necessarily singing or dancing either. They don’t even have time to laze around at the office anymore, so it must be really hard for Mami to sit back while her twin sister is off as part of a popular idol unit.

Hahahaha, all that dramatising over missing puddings in the fridge. They’re sure letting loose with the whole “Yayoi being poor” jokes though xD

Ami: It's not your fault if you've never eaten pudding before. It's POVERTY'S FAULT!

I also got a good laugh out of some of the other interrogations, like watching Makoto being girly or the last setup where the entire office went and dressed up to scare Haruka, Chihaya and Miki xD Also, hilarious dead censored cockroach was hilarious. Props to Takane for killing it (though I’m sure Yukiho would have managed fine if it wasn’t a male cockroach).

Right, so after all the roundabout mixups, it was Ami and Mami’s fault in the end, which is pretty typical of them. Light-hearted Futami Twin episodes I don’t mind, but I think they were stretching it a bit too much here, since there’s only so much you can do with (and write about) pudding.

So, EPISODE IN A NUTSHELL (brought to you by Hirasawa Yui and the K-ON club):



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