Sources from MAL and ANN


Mobile Suit Gundam Seed HD Remastered

Animation Company: Sunrise
Genre: Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Military
Airing Date: 23rd December 2011
Summary: (A high-definition “remaster” project of Gundam SEED)
C.E. 71: In the midst of war between the Naturals (OMNI) and Coordinators (ZAFT), a unit from ZAFT is dispatched to hijack the Earth Alliance’s newly developed mobile suits on the neutral colony of Heliopolis. Orb Civilian Coordinator Kira Yamato attends the technical college on Heliopolis. After ZAFT hijacks 4 of the 5 mobile suits, Kira stumbles upon the last one, Strike, forced to pilot it to save his and his friend’s lives. During this confusion, Kira also reunites with his childhood Coordinator friend, Athrun Zala, who ironically turns out to be a ZAFT soldier and one of the hijackers at Heliopolis. Having control of Strike, Kira joins the Earth Alliance boarding the ship known as Archangel, to protect his friends while despairing over becoming the enemy of his childhood friend and people.
Trailer: PV 1,
Team Impression:
Eva: Will definitely watch!!! I might blog it, I might not… I’m not sure yet. Gundam Seed was the first Gundam series I’ve ever watched and had seen it in english dub on tv… I might do this if I have the time. It’s been years since I’ve last seen it anyways.
ZeroG: What’s that? A show I never watched? That sounds like something I would definitively not want to watch.
Vantage: I did say this last season, but I’m not a Gundam person.
Myst: Meh. Gundam.
Kaitou: No. Gundams. Unless it has a unicorn horn. Oh wait…no.

Kat: Same as pretty much everyone else. Never watched Gundam and I never plan to.
Possible Bloggers: Eva


New Prince of Tennis

Animation Company: MSC
Genre: Action, Comedy, School, Shounen, Sports
Airing Date: 4th January 2012
Summary: Related to the Prince of Tennis series. In Japan an “All Star Team” is being formed, containing the 50 best tennis players from the entire country.
Trailer: PV
Team Impression:
Eva: Never liked Prince of Tennis, so pass.
ZeroG: Hahahahahahaha…haha…ha…nope.
Vantage: I’ve never watched the original Prince of Tennis, so meh.
Myst: I know someone who’s a big fan of it… That’s about all I know about Prince of Tennis.
Kaitou: Pass~

Kat: Sports anime? Not into it…

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Recorder to Randoseru

Animation Company: Seven
Genre: School, Seinen
Airing Date: 5th January 2012
Summary: Miyagawa Atsushi is an 11-year old boy. Since he is 180 centimeters tall and has a grown-up looking build, he has always been running into troubles. On the other hand, his 17-year old sister Atsumi is only 137 centimeters tall and has a childish looking build. Atsumi takes good care of Atsushi, who acts his true age.
Trailer: PV
Team Impression:
Eva: I’m confused.
ZeroG: That description doesn’t help much, but it sure looks interesting, I might take a look at it.
Vantage: Woah that guy is only 11? O_O Haha, it’ll be interesting to see how this turns out.
Myst: That looks really funny! I like the concept, I just hope this won’t turn into pedo-yaoi-incest, because that would be absolutely retarded.
Kaitou: So…height can be a plot device? Do I get to act immature because of my age now? 8D

Kat: Looks like it could make for an interesting series. I’ll probably end up watching it at some point even if I don’t blog about it.
Possible Bloggers: Myst, ZeroG


Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki

Animation Company: N/A
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, Seinen
Airing Date: 8th January 2012
Summary: *The slice-of-life manga centers around a mysterious spherical cat named Poyo, its family, and the people in Poyo’s everyday life.
Trailer: PV 1,
Team Impression: 
Eva: >_> Why does this remind me about Chi’s Sweet Home???
ZeroG: Whaaat…I know this is the internet, and everyone loves cat, and this comes from Japan, so I should not be currently wondering “WTF is this?”, but still.
Vantage: I once played a flash game called Sushi Cat, in which there was a cat that had to collect sushi to grow fatter. This cat looks pretty similar xD It was a good game by the way, you should go play it. 
Myst: …Why do I wanna watch this? This looks adorable!
Kaitou: If they’re short eps, they might work. I can’t imagine sitting down and watching it for it’s profound depth. Looks cute though. >///<

Kat: Cats…………………
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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

Animation Company: Sunrise
Genre: Comedy, School, Shounen, Slice of Life
Airing Date: 9th January 2012
Summary: *A gag comedy story following the humorous yet “realistic” everyday lives of  Tadakuni, Hidenori, Yoshitake and other students at a boys’ high school.
Trailer: PV 1,
Team Impression: 
Eva: … I hope this doesn’t turn into Kimi to Boku…
I’m only checking this out because Shinji Takamatsu is directing this. I can’t say whether I would want to blog this or not.
ZeroG: This could be good, I’ll have to see how the first few episode goes, I’ll give this show a try.
Vantage: *remembers Kimi to Boku* I’LL PASS.
Myst: I’m giving this more hopes than anyone else… I doubt Kimi to Boku will happen twice, let’s hope it doesn’t.

Kaitou: I’m usually there if there’s more 2-D guys than 2-D girls, but this looks wayyy too floofy for me. Pass.

Kat: Don’t know what to say about this one. There’s not enough information for me to make an opinion yet…
Possible Bloggers: ZeroG

Zero no Tsukaima F

Animation Company: J.C. Staff
Genre: Adventure, Ecchi, Fantasy, Magic, Romance
Airing Date: January 7th 2012
Summary: *Sequel and final season of the Zero no Tsukaima series.
Meet Louise, a budding magician. The students at the Tristein Academy call her “Zero Louise”, due to her current record of zero successes with magic. One day, she is asked to summon a familiar to be her servant. At this critical moment, she summons up all her magic and wishes for a familiar that is “devoted, beautiful and powerful”, and gets…Hiraga Saito, an ordinary Japanese boy.
Trailer: PV 1,
Team Impression: 

Eva: I still have to give this another shot, so I won’t be watching this yet.

ZeroG: Haven’t followed that series at all, so no I won’t watch this.
Vantage: This is it guys, it’s been at least three years since the trainwreck that was Season 3, yet for the life of me I can’t figure out why I still like this anime – the first season is an old favourite of mine, so maybe that’s why. Though it certainly doesn’t deserve it, I will still be willing to lose sleep over this to catch it as it airs, and therefore I’ll also be religiously blogging this.
Myst: D: NOOOOOOOOO…. Why is this still airing…. Whyyyyyy… *sobsob*
Kaitou: I hated Zero no Tsuikaima…why is this popular enough to come back!?! *nightmares*

Kat: I haven’t watched any of the previous seasons of this show, but I have to say it does look pretty good based on the synopsis. I might have to catch up with all of the seasons and watch this one.
Possible Bloggers: Vantage

Mouretsu Pirates

Animation Company: Satelight
Genre: Sci-Fi, Space
Airing Date: January 7th 2012
Summary: *The story centers around a spirited high school girl named Marika. She keeps herself busy with the space yacht club and her part-time job at a high-class retro café. One day, two men suddenly appear and claim to be subordinates of her dead father. They demand that she assume command of the space pirate ship Benten Maru. A privateer ship’s compact was made during a war of independence a century ago, and according to that compact, the ship must be inherited by the captain’s next direct descendant. Marika finds herself embarking on a new life as a space pirate.
Trailer: PV 1,
Team Impression:
Eva: PIRATES, YAR HAR! Will definitely check out!!!!
ZeroG: A girl becoming a space pirate? I’m too old and boring for this.
Vantage: Space Pirates…not too appealing to me, but somehow I’ll end up trying it out.
Myst: YEAH, PIRATES!!! I’m in.
Kaitou: Space Pirates and mini skirts? WIN. I’m watching this one…it does have the Macross Frontier people behind it.

Kat: I had a feeling Myst would like this one.
Possible Bloggers: Eva, Myst and Kaitou

Inu x Boku SS

Animation Company: David Production
Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Shounen, Supernatural
Airing Date: January 12th 2012
Summary: *The Shirakiin house’s daughter, Shirakiin Riricho, who has a complex about being unable to live independently and unprotected, feels the need to move out and live on her own under the condition of residing in the mansion named “Ayakashi Kan.” In this mansion, only those who have cleared a very strict examination could reside in it, and for each resident, they are accompanied with one agent of the Secret Service (S.S.). Although Riricho has rejected the company of the S.S., while residing in the mansion she finds out that the agent dedicated to protecting her is actually the Fox Spirit whom she previously rescued.
Trailer: PV
Team Impression:
Eva: I’ve been reading the manga, and ever since I heard about this becoming an Anime I knew I was going to cover it. This one is all mine! MWAHAHAHA *SHOT*
ZeroG: I’ll watch that, it sounds fun and it might even make me laugh, but Eva will be the one covering it.
Vantage: This looks really promising, however Eva has already shotgun this xD PV looks nice too.
Myst: According to Eva this is good… I guess I’ll be watching it I don’t think Eva will let anyone else blog this.
Kaitou: It might be funny, haven’t read the manga, but the art looks great.

Kat: Have to agree with everyone else. Looks like a really neat anime, but I won’t be blogging it!

Black★Rock Shooter

Animation Company: Ordet
Genre: Action, Drama, School, Slice of Life
Airing Date: January 2012
Summary: *Plot summary not available yet.
Trailer: PV
Team Impression:
Eva: The OVA failed to appeal to me, especially with that shitty ass ending- but perhaps I should give this one a fresh start. I’ll take a look.
ZeroG: I haven’t seen the Ova and I’m not really big on Slice of Life, so I’ll pass on that one.
Vantage: The OVA was pretty beast, though it was beyond confusing at the same time. I’ve heard this will be a continuation of the OVA plot with Mato and Yomi, so I’m pretty interested – sign me up for covering it.
Myst: Considering I haven’t watched the OVA yet, I doubt this one will be for me.

Kaitou: So watching this. Huke’s art designs are coming to life! Not too excited by the slice-of-life things, but the action looks great. xD

Kat: Just the title…I can’t…I won’t watch this… just no.
Possible Bloggers: Vantage and Kaitou


Animation Company: Studio SHAFT
Genre: Comedy, Super Power
Airing Date: January 2012
Summary: *Sequel of the Bakemonogatari series. The black swindler Kaiki Deishu, who once deceived Hitagi, returns to town and spreads the incantation which cursed Nadeko before. Koyomi’s sisters Karen and Tsukihi try to capture Deishu but…
Trailer: PV
Team Impression:
Eva: I still have yet to watch Bakemonogatari so it’s pointless for me to watch this. Other than that, Vantage had shotgun this AGES ago.
ZeroG: I haven’t seen the first one, I won’t check this one either.
Vantage: The sequel to the most talked-about anime of 2009 has finally arrived! From the PV, it looks like the unique style of animation/narration is staying the same as Bakemonogatari. If its prequel is anything to go by, this will be an epic series of epic proportions xD
Myst: *cricket* Guess I need to watch the Bakemonogatari now…

Kaitou: Have to catch up on season 1, though I heard that was good, so I’d expect the same.

Kat: Bakemonogatari was REALLY good; I’m so excited there’s a sequel. I’ll definitely be watching this.
Possible Bloggers: VANTAGE



Animation Company: P.A. Works
Genre: Mystery, Drama, Horror, School
Airing Date: January 9th 2012
Summary: *26 years ago, in a third-year classroom of a middle school, there was a student named Misaki. As an honors student who was also good at sports, the charming girl was popular with her classmates. When she suddenly died, her classmates decided to carry on as if she was still alive until graduation. Then, in the spring of 1998, a boy named Sakakibara Kouichi transfers to that classroom, and he grows suspicious of the fearful atmosphere in that classroom. In particular, there is a beautiful, aloof girl named Mei Misaki who wears an eyepatch and is always alone drawing pictures. 
Another centers around a school class that has a curse, and the string of unavoidable deaths that befall the boys and girls in that class.
Trailer: PV
Team Impression:
Eva: P.A. WORKS, COUNT ME- WAIT IT’S HORROR? OH SHIT. Now I’m conflicted. Watch? Don’t watch? Watch don’t watch?!?!
ZeroG: This show looks awesome, horror, drama and mystery? And the show features awesome arts? I’m in.
Vantage: The PV freaked me out a little, but I can already sense that this will be beyond epic xD Especially the horror genre, we need a proper, gory horror anime that ISN’T Blood-C.
Myst: This actually looks really cool, the plot is kinda promising and mysterious… I love mysterious things :).
Kaitou: Not into horror, but the mystery is very tempting to chew on.

Kat: Looks like my kind of anime. I’ll be watching it, but there are too many possible bloggers for it already so I guess I’ll have to leave it be.
Possible Bloggers: Myst, ZeroG, Kat


Ano Natsu de Matteru

Animation Company: J.C. Staff
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Airing Date: January 10th 2012
Summary: *An adolescent romantic comedy. The three main characters are the two girls Ichika Takatsuki and Remon Yamano, and the boy Kaito Kirishima.
Trailer: PV
Team Impression:
ZeroG: I’ll leave the girl fangirl over that one, I might still watch it though. Even a guy can enjoy a romance from time to time, even if it is not yaoi.
Vantage: I took a look at the top half of the promo pic, realized that the girls were in fact NOT Taiga and Minori, and promptly raged.
Myst: I love how they don’t even bother putting in a decent summary and initial concept to romance shows anymore, LOL. But it’s romance, so I’m in, obviously. (On a side note, I lol’ed so hard when I saw Vantage’s comment)

Kaitou: No idea. Rom-coms and I are in an antagonistic relationship.

Kat: (in opposition to Eva) ROMANTIC COMEDY?! HELL NO!
Possible Bloggers: Eva, Myst


Brave 10

Animation Company: Media Factory
Genre: Action, Adventure, Historical, Seinen
Airing Date: January 8th 2012
Summary: *The story reimagines the legendary adventures of the 10 brave warriors assembled by the warlord Sanada Yukimura in the year 1600, in the middle of Japan’s tumultuous Sengoku (Warring States) era.
Trailer: PV
Team Impression:
ZeroG: This looks badass, too badass. I fear this will fail. I will watch the first few episode and see how good or bad this is.
Vantage: I still laugh whenever I see the next subbed episode of Hyouge Mono, that historical anime from Spring that the sub groups release about once a month.
Myst: That looks badass. Very badass.
Kaitou: WANT. I’ve been wanting some man-action since Hakuouki season 2 ended. DO WANT SO BAD. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

Kat: Meh.
Possible Bloggers: ZeroG and Kaitou


Senhime Zesshou Symphogear

Animation Company: Encourage Films
Website: N/A
Genre: Action, Music, Supernatural
Airing Date: December 26, 2011
Summary: *A music-battle anime following two girls in a top vocal unit named Zweiwing who fight to save humanity against a threat known as “Noise”.
Trailer: PV
Team Impression: 
Eva: … Are we sure this isn’t a magical girl thing??? OwO Well who cares, I’m checking this out!
ZeroG: I stopped reading at “music-battle”, this is not something I want to watch.
Vantage: Yeah…I’m getting Idolm@ster Xenoglossia vibes from this…well, assuming that there’ll be mecha in it. I didn’t think Xenoglossia was all that bad, but this probably will be.
Myst: I’m expecting boobies. Pass. If there’s no boobies, I’ll still pass. It’s not my genre.

Kaitou: Magical girls are always in, man! Watching. hopefully it’s not made just to jump on the Puella Magi Madoka Magica  bandwagon. >_>

Kat: Now this is something I might be able to get into. Supernatural animes, hell yeah.
Possible Bloggers: Eva, Kat and Kaitou


Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2

Animation Company: J.C. Staff
Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Super Power
Airing Date: January 5, 2012 
Summary: *Sequel of the Tantei Opera Milky Holmes series.
Trailer: PV
Team Impression:
ZeroG: 2? there is a prequel to something that looks so bad?
Vantage: Heh, J.C. Staff. That explains a lot.
Myst: … No.
Kaitou: Just…no. Like as in Na-“NO”-ha.

Kat: Okay I think this looks kawaii as hell but I haven’t even heard of this anime before.
Possible Bloggers: ~( ̄▽ ̄)~


Natsume Yuujin-Chou Shi

Animation Company: Brain’s Base
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Shoujo, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Airing Date: January 2, 2012
Summary: *4th season of the Natsume Yuujin-Chou series. Natsume Takashi has the ability to see spirits, which he has long kept secret. However, once he inherits a strange book that belonged to his deceased grandmother, Reiko, he discovers the reason why spirits surround him.
Trailer: PV
Team Impression:
Eva: Nope, have to pass! Never watched the show, though I do want to check it out. The manga is popular as far as I’m concerned.
ZeroG: I have not seen the first 3 season, I won’t watch it.
Vantage: Wow, this is getting a fourth season? I’ve never watched the first 3, but it must be somewhat interesting if Brains Base is choosing to continue this. Still, I don’t feel up to marathoning something out of the blue, so I’ll pass on this.
Myst: I think this is a first. 4 seasons of a show I have heard absolutely nothing about? I doubt it’s actually worth the 4 seasons XD. Ah well.
Kaitou: Season 4 is too far. Pass.

Kat: Again, I didn’t watch the previous seasons, so I won’t be watching this.
Possible Bloggers:  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Amagami SS+

Animation Company: AIC
Website: N/A
Genre: Romance
Airing Date: January 5th 2012
Summary: *Sequel of the Amagami SS series. A second-year high school boy finds himself uneasy during Christmas time due to an experience in the past. However, this year at Christmas he gets his last chance to ask out a graduating female senior named Haruka Morishima – or one of several other classmates.
Trailer: PV
Team Impression: 
Eva: ;w; Haven’t watched Amagami SS yet…
ZeroG: sequel, sequel and more sequel, I don’t watch boring anime, I don’t want them to have sequels.
Vantage: I’ve watched like…the first route of the original season. If I get round to finishing the rest of the routes, and still maintain enough interest, then I might watch it.
EDIT:  After burning through the first season in a couple of days, I’ve decided I actually want this xD

Myst: I watched the first 5 episodes of the first season. Got bored. Stopped watching. So forget about me on this second season.
Kaitou: What the big deal about asking someone out? Nope, not for me.

Kat: Ugh! Another sequel! I need original series!
Possible Bloggers: Vantage


Rinne no Lagrange

Animation Company: Xebec
Genre: Comedy
Airing Date: 9th January 2012
Summary: *Kyono Madoka is a 17-year-old girl, who loves her home town Kamogawa and likes to help people in trouble. She rides a robot called Woks in her jersey wear and fights against aliens.
Trailer: PV 1,
Team Impression: 

 It has mecha, so it caught my interest. 

ZeroG: A comedy mecha about fighting aliens? is that some kind of parody of evangelion? or just a boring show? I’m not even sure I want to watch the first episode of that.
Vantage: Cool story bro. Wait everything in that summary is ridiculously vague…
Myst: … What? Is this a slice of li- Oh wait, mecha. *leaves*

Kaitou: The mechs and aliens give it a fighting chance. Wait, what am I saying? Will give it a chance and watch it, though.

Possible Bloggers: Eva, Kat and Kaitou


Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai

Animation Company: Feel
Genre: Comedy
Airing Date: January 2012
Summary: *Segawa Yuta is a freshman of a university. He lost his parents when he was small and was raised by his sister Yuri. Yuta has been living alone since Yuri got married to a middle aged man when Yuta was a junior high student. 
One day, Yuri visited Yuta’s apartment and asked him to take care of her three daughters while Yuri and her husband were on a trip. He unwillingly accepted the job but the plane Yuri took went missing. In order to prevent the daughters from being adopted separately by relatives, Yuta decided to take in all three girls. A life of a strange family in a tiny apartment begins.
Trailer: PV
Team Impression: 
Eva: As long as this doesn’t turn into a Loli show, I’ll watch it.
ZeroG: This looks awesome, it will either be a loli show or a great cute show, either ways work for me. I’ll check the first few episodes.
Vantage: Aww, blue Haruhi hairtie! I love the art style, but in terms of the story, it can either go down the cutesy-family-Usagi Drop route, or the ecchi-loli-pantsu route. Uh…from its article on Wiki, I have a feeling it might be the latter.
Myst: Please tell me this isn’t a loli show, and I might give it a shot. Might.
Kaitou: If this is a loli show, I will watch it. Where do we go from Koikaze, anyway? *sarcasm end tag* XD

Kat: Hmm. “a strange family in a tiny apartment.” Sounds like a loli to me.
Possible Bloggers: ZeroG

Aquarion Evol

Animation Company: Satelight
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mecha, Romance, Sci-Fi
Airing Date: January 8th 2012
Summary: *Five supernatural factions have been fighting against each other for who knows how many centuries, with the beginning of Aquarian Age always in mind. Kyouta, soon begins to see visions of mystical girls fighting, except they do exist. Soon he and his girlfriend Yoriko become involved and the battle for Earth and Aquarian Age lies in their hands.
Trailer: PV
Team Impression: 

OMGGGGGG THIS LOOKS SO BADASS! AND THERE’S ROMANCE AKLSDJKAJHSDJASD!!! Too bad the mobile suits are CG :\ Oh well I’m used to that thanks to Infinite Stratos and Macross Frontier.

ZeroG: This actually looks good, I’ll give it a try.
Vantage: Brought to you by…JAPANESE MICHAEL BAY!
Myst: Not down for it.

Kaitou: The PV looks strong, appears to have both plot and awesome animation. Watching it.

Kat: Again, meh.
Possible Bloggers: Eva, ZeroG and Kaitou

High School DxD

Animation Company: TNK
Website: Comedy, Demons, Ecchi, Romance, School
Genre: *Comedy, Demons, Ecchi, Romance, School
Airing Date: January 6th 2012
Summary: *The story follows Issei Hyodo, a dim-witted, lecherous second-year high school student who is killed by a girl on his first date ever. Issei is reincarnated as a devil, and from that day forward, he serves as an underling of Riasu, a high-level devil who is also the prettiest girl on Issei’s campus.
Trailer: PV
Team Impression:

Boobs boobs and more boobs – No thanks. PASS.

ZeroG: Hahahaha I’ll be watching that, Demon? Ecchi? Comedy? That looks retardedly awesome.
Vantage: Simply speaking, after that PV it’s safe to assume that this show won’t offer much else other than ecchi, boobs and the occasional white censor bar here and there. Still…it doesn’t look too bad…
Myst: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ I’m sick of boobies.
Kaitou: Pass…refraining from commenting, actually. >_<

Kat: Yay! I love boobies!

Possible Bloggers:



Animation Company: N/A
Website: N/A
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, School, Shounen
Airing Date: 2012
Summary: *Kuribayashi Minami returns to Japan after a long stay in Los Angeles. She enters an upper-class girl’s high school “Gokurakuin Jyoshi High School”, so called “Gokujyo”. She tries to dominate the school with her beauty but her plan is spoiled by the silly and pervert behaviors of her eccentric classmates.
Trailer: PV
Team Impression:  
Eva: … I recall something very similar to this, but I can’t put my finger on it… 
ZeroG: Generic Ecchi? I’ll watch that, might even be funny.
Vantage: This looks alright…though I’ve been disappointed by so many ecchi shows lately, perhaps this will break the trend. Comedy helps xD
Myst: This… Looks awkwardly funny… And kinda reminds me awkwardly of B Gata H Kei, which was hilarious, so I’ll check it out XD.
Kaitou: Weird in a boring way.

Kat: This looks just awful to me for some reason. I am not watching this.
Possible Bloggers: ZeroG


Baby, Please Kill Me!

Animation Company: J.C. Staff
Genre: Comedy, School, Seinen
Airing Date: January 5th 2012
Summary: *The story follows Sonya, an assassin girl who goes to school in between missions, and her fearless yet not-so-smart friend Yasuna. Joining them is Agiri, a ninja in Sonya’s organisation.
Trailer: PV
Team Impression:  
Eva: ~( ̄▽ ̄)~ Hahahaha, no.
ZeroG: What, did I just die and went to a place where show looks ridiculously like turds? oh no, that’s just a show that looks like turd.
Vantage: LOL, J.C. Staff plus that title equals FAIL.  From the promo pic it looks more like one of those 5min skit things rather than full 24min episodes, but I could be wrong.
Myst: That looked so cute! but then I saw J.C. Staff. Might still watch the first episode though.
Kaitou: Confused again…ninja? Seinen?

Kat: Eh, kawaii. I’ll blog it if no one else will ^_^
Possible Bloggers:  Kat

Area no Kishi

Animation Company: Shin-Ei Animation
Website:  N/A
Genre: Sport, Shounen, Comedy, School
Airing Date: January 7th 2012
Summary: Believing himself to be useless at football, Aizawa Kakeru opts to become the manager of his school’s football team, while his brother Suguru is its ace, and is even good enough to represent Japan. However, Kakeru may be harbouring a strong talent within himself that only Suguru can see, and the two often get into arguments over Kakeru’s denial of his skills. Things are made more complicated with the return of Nana, an old playmate of theirs that Kakeru has a crush on. Join the brothers in their journey to the national and even international championships!
Trailer: PV

Team Impression: 


ZeroG: I stopped at Sport. Just reading that word makes me sweat.
Vantage: No matter how cautious I am from the fact that it’s a sports anime, the summary makes this actually sound interesting. Will try, but definitely not blog.
Myst: I like sports. I really do. I like playing them. Thus is how far my love of sports extends. I can’t watch sports shows.
Kaitou: Romance and sports don’t mix well.

Kat: Sports!!! No!!!
Possible Bloggers: Eva

Smile Precure!

Animation Company: Toei Animation
Genre: Magic
Airing Date: February 5, 2012
Summary: An ordinary girl transforms to protect the earth! The 9th title in the “Precure” franchise, “Smile Precure!”.
Trailer: PV
Team Impression: 
Eva: I always try out the Precure series to see if it were to ever catch my attention and find one that I like. What I do like about this franchise is that the animation style is constantly changing. I’ll give this a look and if I like it, well I’ll give it a shot to blog. It looks like the characters are going to be younger than the ones from Suite PreCure! Now that i think about it, I haven’t exactly checked Suite PreCure yet…
ZeroG: What is this I don’t even.
Vantage: Ehh, not familiar with the series.
Myst: Another Precure? Forget about me on this, I never watched any of them and I don’t have the intention to start.
Kaitou: PRECURE AGAIN?! *hides*

Kat: Never watched any of this series.
Possible Bloggers:   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Eva


Overall Thoughts:

Eva: Fortunately, it doesn’t look like there will be too much that appeals to me this season since I’m going to have my hand full taking care of my new pups and working. Since I’m sharing 2/3 shows that I will be continuing to cover into the Winter 2012 season, I could probably blog three at most unless I can juggle the time and blog while the pups are taking their naps. So this season there are TWO shows that I will guarantee I will cover right off the bat and hope for the best: Inu x Boku SS – Ever since I heard about this being green-lit I immediately called it because I enjoy the manga. AND THEN THAT AREA NO KISHI POPPED UP AND AISDYAJGSDGHASKJDHAG YES! SOCCER, MY LIFE. COVERING THIS NO MATTER WHAT. I haven’t read the manga, but from my experience (far too often) I end up disappointed because I read the manga before watching the anime and then blah blah blah you know the story, it doesn’t turn out as great as you hoped it to be. Other than that I have to restrain myself as I also have to remember that I will begin blogging Hakuouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom in February. It will definitely be a new experience as I’m completely inexperienced for both Otome games and writing about it.
ZeroG: Another, I believe this is the word for me. It looks like the only show that will really hook me this season. Everything else looks good too, but that one show might very well be golden from what I saw.  Otherwise the others show looks good overall, there is also two funny ecchi on the way. I just love myself some boobs of demonic girl. Nothing really stellar, but it is always something fun to watch, no matter how generic a ecchi can be. If it is funny, that’s all it takes. I don’t mind doing a season of only covering ecchi, someone has to cover them and I happen to be interested in that kind of stuff, so why not. Overall next season will maybe just as good or a little worse than this fall, but it shouldn’t be terrible. There should be something good for everyone in there.
Vantage: Similar to what happened with Fall 2011, a lot of my excitement about next season mostly stems from stuff I’m already familiar with, such as Black Rock Shooter or Nisemonogatari. Other than that, everything new looks pretty sub-par, but I’ll console myself by religiously sitting through Zero no Tsukaima F every week, no matter how shit it gets. I’ve learnt by now that these summaries can be misleading, as my biggest regret of Fall was not picking up Ika Musume S2 a bit earlier, since I had a bad first impression of it. Hoping to find a sleeper hit somewhere within that mess – already standing out though,  is Another, which has even higher expectations piled on it as P.A. Works is producing it.
Myst: My first impression to this season was that it would be absolutely terrible, however the more I look at it, the more I wonder… There’s a few interesting shows in this, and there actually aren’t that many that feel like they’ll be complete failures right off the bat. I guess most are average, so it could turn out into a really awesome and badass season, or a really terrible one, depending on what these shows give us. Then again… There’s Zero no Tsukaima F… (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻. I’ll never get over my hate of the second and third seasons of this mostly the third.
Kaitou: I had to dig around for excitement for this season, at least last time around there was a lot of detectives. I’m just wondering where it’ll all go from here, since you can’t tell until you get to it…but dear god, where are there so many horrible shows getting sequels? I can accept Black Rock Shooter for the sake of giving it another chance (and seeing huke’s working move Σ( ̄□ ̄ lll)), but this is a “sigh” season. Mindless entertainment for downtime during a school term, then. Grr. As Vantage said, summaries can be misleading, I’m just going to not sleep and watch all the first episodes of the ones that sound half decent, and make up my damn mind then.
Kat: I guess this is just like any other season. A mixture of hits and misses. That’s the wonderful world of anime for ya. I guess we’ll just have to wait until all of these shows air to figure out which -really- are hits and which are misses. I’m super excited for Rinne no Lagrange, and although everyone else seems to think otherwise, I see at least a glimmer of potential in Baby, Please Kill Me. I’m also really excited for the Bakemongatari sequel. I don’t know, I think I’ll just keep the rest of my comments to myself and see how this season pans out.


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0 thoughts on “WINTER 2012 ANIME PREVIEW

  1. Gundamn Remastered!?!? I’m so watching it!!!
    Black Rock Shooter was interesting, but I heard the quality from the trailers and all that got downgraded really hard.
    Another looks very interesting, it is one of the anime I am expecting most. (hopefully it doesn’t suck ass)
    Amagami SS+ XD I enjoyed it, but I am so confused right now, the description is the same as the previous one so how is this going to work out? A sequel? Is this gonna continue of after they are together or are they gonna have like bad endings in each heroine? I wonder….
    Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai, for some reason the cover reminds me of Suzumiya Haruhi O.o Ill give this show a try 😀
    I like the series they have for this season 😀 I hope they are all gonna be good. (Damn first time writing so much…..)

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