Amagami SS+ plus Episode 4: Finally…

I can rest in peace now.


Rihoko finishes her shopping and goes to Junichi’s house to make dinner, where Miya senses that something is awkward between the two of them. While Rihoko makes various attempts to confess to Junichi throughout the evening, something always happens that stops her from doing so. When they both wake up in the night, Junichi ends up being the one to confess to Rihoko, and they finally start going out.


I would like to formally blame Miya for one of the various interruptions Rihoko had, since she might have actually pulled it off was Miya not so nishishi~ about going to an amusement park. I can’t blame her though, I’d be excited to go with Ai-chan too xD Throughout the whole dinner, I really felt sorry for her and her really, really crap luck, but each time she had the opportunity to, she chickened out more often than not anyway.

The guy that followed her and tried to force a date out of her ended up being a playboy anyway, and tried to ask Haruka out, of all people. I have this weird feeling that Haruka might have agreed to go out with him for the fun of it only to dump him a bit later (like she always does) had Hibiki not cockblocked him. Seriously, what would you do without her, Haruka?

I should have guessed that Junichi would end up liking Rihoko back, if only for the sake of finishing the arc on a positive note. When you think that he might have been trying to confess the whole episode too, it makes more sense why there were so many awkward interruptions. Maybe he was spurred on by someone else asking Rihoko out, and didn’t want to lose her? I think I nearly died when he told her he “wanted things to stay this way”, as if he already knew what she was trying to say.

Everything did feel a bit anticlimatic in the end, since the confession was pretty much all we had time for, with AIC leaving us in immense suspense about whether they were gonna troll us or not. I’m really glad Rihoko got her happy ending, though this time there wasn’t any sex implied I think…or anything else. On the ecchi side of  things, there was a fair share of Rihoko fanservice…just no Junichi to exploit it very much.

OMG, it’s Ai’s arc next! Like with this, I’m willing to get around the inconvenience of the Amagami sub release and lose sleep watching it xD I can’t wait to see what AIC has in store for my favourite girl, or her relationship with Junichi. After that preview. every single Amagami fan has the right to be insanely jealous of him, the lucky bastard T_T

Oh yeah, the complimentary arc finishing tradition:


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