Ano Natsu de Matteru Ep 1: Pleasant Surprise [First Impression]

Kaito and his friends decide to make a movie for the summer. While having been caught observing and filming a new student named Ichika, Tetsurou decides to help Kaito out and and invites her to part of their film.

Eva’s First Impression:
I was totally not expecting this to turn out the way it did!
The beginning of the episode was definitely an eye-catcher. I wasn’t sure whether he was dreaming or not, or he was imaging the final results of a movie filming, but as the episode progressed, we discovered that not only that exact scenario had happened, but Ichika is definitely not human- which definitely added a crazy twist to this story! At the same time, it totally explains what’s up with that creature that accompanied her.
I already love the characters that we have here. First of all, they aren’t exactly the same as Toradora and Anohana (the two productions I’m most familiar with and impressed by the Director, Nagai Tatsuyuki), they certainly share a similarity of character designs and setting, but either way I’m already incredibly fond of them.
Lemon is awesome. She has that trait that reminds me of Taiga with her height and mischievous personality, but her attitude is definitely different. She’s already my favourite character!
Kaito’s character is completely different in comparison to both Jintan and Ryuji, but all share a similar fact- and that’s involving their family. Kaito parents had passed away (we don’t how but all we know is that he only has his elder sister left). I like his personality and find it absolutely hilarious how he actually ends up speaking out-loud about his fantasies or daydream running through his head.
I absolutely adore Ichika’s personality. Her timidness and finding that courage to blend in with the humans is absolutely adorable. She is also the one who appears to have saved Kaito when he had pretty much died at the scene in the beginning of the episode. Now that she was caught in the middle of the act of trying to err, I guess heal him from that metabolism of his cells, I wonder how she’s going to bail out of this situation.
Overall I expect promising results from this Anime. It’s a bit risky to hold high expectations, considering this is produced by J.C Staff, (and we’ll most likely see the animation quality dropping, but it will vary since we don’t know which they will prioritize out of all the series that is currently airing) but I’m going to have faith in the Staff involved in this production to make this successful.
Possibility of Blogging: GUARANTEED, COUNT ME IN.
Possibly of Watching: Guaranteed
Kat’s First Impression:
Just as Eva said, I was not expecting this. Actually, I wasn’t even planning on checking it out at all because the summary looked boring and didn’t interest me. But after seeing this show as a recommendation from Ano Hana on MAL (, I decided to give it a chance. And I’m glad I did.
Ichika is a darling red haired girl. It was obvious from the start that she was odd. She doesn’t know how to properly shake hands, hold her pencil, eats a weird combination of food, and hardly knows what shampoo is. Apparently, she also has incredible strength because Kaito could hardly lift her luggage that she was carrying around with ease.
That being said, Ichika is quite obviously not from Earth. This is especially apparent when she opens up her luggage at the end of the episode and a cute little alien friend pops out to help heal Kaito. Ah, what a twist of events. I love animes with aliens and supernatural occurrences and whatnot, so this will definitely be a good watch for me.
Oh,  and did I mention boobies? Yeah. Lots of boobies in this episode, and I can’t say I was disappointed. Not only that, but Lemon, a short and cute little girl is, well…super cute. I think she’s my favorite character thus far; she seems pretty devious and that always makes for a good character in my opinion.
I think it was a bit of a slow start for this show, but it surely kept my interest. I can’t wait to see where this goes!
Possibility of Watching: Yes
Possibility of Blogging: Yes 


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0 thoughts on “Ano Natsu de Matteru Ep 1: Pleasant Surprise [First Impression]

  1. Have to agree with both you, Lemon all the way. As for the first episode though, I wasn’t really that impressed. It got me a little interested but I’m not a huge fan of the characters so far except Lemon. Not sure why but they don’t strike my fancy. Nevertheless I think I’ll keep watching it because the director also did Toradora which is my favorite romance of all time.

  2. Is it just me or does this show somehow remind you of Ano Hana?
    Lemon is also my favorite character in this show XD

    1. No you aren’t the only one. It was the first thing this show reminded me just based on the PV before this aired, but I think what stands out the most is really the setting and landscape, not to mention Jintan himself and his own house (at least his bedroom in some scenes). It’s also by the same director which is pretty common to see among anime.

  3. So many glasses of this series, and Nancy’s catsuit in the opening seems a reference to ROD Could we be facing Shoot Or Die?
    The japanese have a special name for the effect of “transparency” in the glasses frames? I saw this effect also in Aoi Hana and Sasameki Koto.

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