Ano Natsu de Matteru Ep 2: And the winner for most epic character of the season goes to~

Kaito finds himself having to give an explanation why Ichika was at their place to his sister and Kanna. After hearing the story, Nanami tells Ichika it’s fine for her to stay as long as she likes and will be reassuring to know that Kaito will not be alone. After Kanna gets home, clearly upset about the whole turn of events, she spreads the words to their friends and Tetsurou then announce they will host their meeting at Kaito’s place.

And the winner for most epic character of the season goes to~Lemon!
That girl basically ‘broke’ into Kaito’s house by picking the lock, she spiked the drinks with something or alcohol, she made them all drunk and sat aside and observed the whole event unfold and then suggested to play the (totally ridged) King’s Game. Then afterwards she was filming the whole aftermath! (Her evil laugh is like the best thing ever!) She is one hell of a crafty mastermind!!!
It was also hilarious to see Rinon pop up and everyone just burst out laughing because they were totally not down to earth.
Kaito’s infection continues to spread, but it doesn’t look like it’ll go away very easily. Ichika will have to continuously heal him, but I’m getting a feeling that at some point it’s going to get so bad that Kaito’s life will be on the line. CUE TO DRAMA!!!!! Especially when the others eventually discover she is the one to blame!
Overall this was a pretty slow episode. Not too much plot or character development, instead we learned that Ichika had left her planet because she’s searching for a place. As for the friends, I’m under the impression that there’s a complicated love…err… I don’t think we can call this a triangle….set up. As it’s already obvious  enough, we know that Kanna likes Kaito, but then we get a hint that perhaps Tetsurou likes her and then to make things more complicated, there’s a possibility of Mio liking Tetsurou, but she could also just be one of those friends who really sit in the background and observe the situation and just thinks to herself how its going to be a long summer with the upcoming drama within their group.


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0 thoughts on “Ano Natsu de Matteru Ep 2: And the winner for most epic character of the season goes to~

  1. This episode was slow and feel like its gonna be like with rest of the episodes O.o
    Lemon is the greatest character in this season! perhaps even the best character of the year XD

    1. I haven’t watched Onegai Teacher so it’s probably one of the reasons I’m one of the people who aren’t complaining or making points how the show is similar or a rip off (but I haven’t seen any complaints about that in particular) Well it’s a bit early to tell, but hopefully it won’t stay similar for too long- at least plot wise, they can’t do much about the animation at this point lolz.
      X_X But the similarity between the two just in character designs is scary.

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